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Picking Off the Past
Picking Off the Past
Spring has arrived. Every morning I walk past rows of yellow daffodils, an abundant array of colorful tulips, and blossoming plums trees. In my own garden plants I see my blackberry bush reemerging. Although, the Himalayan blackberry is an invasive species and grows easily, the plant still needs attention in order for us to enjoy the fruit. Last August, I observed so many blackberries on bush near my house -- some were even rotting. Excited about collecting the blackberries, I returned a few days later, with a bucket in hand, to find the blackberries shriveled, hard, and pruning. There was a hardly a good blackberry to be found. Across the walkway though, where there was a lot of foot traffic, and where berries were picked regularly, the bushes were producing plump and abundant berries.