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Saving Lives: A Story of Love for My Dog
Saving Lives: A Story of Love for My Dog
As humans, we often talk about how we rescue animals. I certainly do. I spend every December rallying people for my Downloads for Doggies drive (previously Podcasts for Puppies) in order to try and raise money for the ASPCA. I’ve seen that commercial with Sarah McLachlan one too many times. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved animals. I grew up with dogs and so that is where my loyalties lie. Even in college, when I was penniless, I would donate money to the Denver Dumb Friend’s League because I couldn’t stand the thought of pets spending the holidays in a shelter. I was also active in the Colorado Horse Rescue and the Colorado Reptile Rescue for some time. I know how important it is as human beings for us to do what we can for those four-legged friends that need our help.