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6 Ways of Coping with Anxiety that Actually Work
6 Ways of Coping with Anxiety that Actually Work
Do you constantly get worked up about something or the other – be it a work presentation, your relationship or even about a party you need to attend? You have days when you find your heart pounding while you sweat profusely and wonder what is it that you’re really experiencing – is this an anxiety attack or am I just stressed, you may wonder. While both stress and anxiety have similar mental and physical symptoms, the difference lies in the fact that stress is short-term whereas an anxiety disorder is a sustained state of mind which tends to remain even in the absence of a triggering situation. If you find yourself experiencing the latter, you might be suffering from some form of an anxiety disorder. Before you panic or shun this thought, understand that you are not alone in this battle. As per a recent study, anxiety has become the number one mental health issue in North America, with one-third of the North American adult population experiencing anxiety issues.