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5 Yogi-Approved Ways to Upgrade Your Summer Vacation
5 Yogi-Approved Ways to Upgrade Your Summer Vacation

Go big and go home

You’ve seen countless articles about making it through that 2pm slump, but brisk walks, quick dance parties, and healthy snacks can revitalize an entire season, not just an afternoon. Stop taking work (and yourself) so seriously and rock out with your bhakti out every chance you get. Strengthen and tone in Celest Pereira’s new class, Fun Flow, or try Eric Paskel’s Yoga Rocks. The activity will have you feeling confident in that bathing suit, but relax you enough to sit by a pool without your portable zen garden.  

Full esteem ahead

Every body is a beach body– so you’re already halfway there! You have a body, and we’ve got the classes that will help tone your muscles and confidence. Get sweating in our new upbeat Summer Sculpt Flow with Kristin Gibowicz. You’ll feel the heat, liven your senses, and indulge in sweet (and strengthening) rewards in this full body challenge. Then it’s time for the beach, please.

Care package

With your self-esteem in check, it’s time to focus on what keeps your body safe through the ravages of airplane travel, seasonal allergens, and temperature shifts. The last thing your head needs is a cold. And the last thing your body needs is fatigue. Stay refreshed in this IMMUNE BOOSTER sequence with poses that encourage relaxation, stress reduction, and circulation.

Ride the wave

Surf is UP, tightness in your back, hips, hammies and shoulders is DOWN. Enjoy this Yoga for Surfers class with Claire Petretti Marti before or after your next Cowabunga! – plus, it’s great for anyone looking to improve balance and focus, while decreasing tension in the body. With your body loose and your mind sharp, you can tackle any wave.  

Practice makes perfect

Your brain and body both need stretching, even if you’re in the throes of leisure. You’ll thank us later on this one – Claire Petretti Marti’s Post Hike Yoga Stretch is the essential flow to avoid tightness and aches after you’re done scaling those mountains or finishing a really stubborn Sudoku.

Now you're more ready than ever for some professional relaxation. Bring it on summer!

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