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New Classes to Tone Your Muscles & Your Mind

New Classes to Tone Your Muscles & Your Mind

To kick it off, join the 21-Day Fit & Fabulous Challenge - the perfect anywhere, anytime program to get your body in the ultimate shape and your spirit rejuvenated: It’s full of expertly curated daily yoga and meditation classes designed to help you cultivate your most fit & fabulous self, for 21 days straight. Daily classes are friendly for all levels, whether you’re new to your practice or a seasoned yogi.

And of course, YogaDownload is here to help you work the fitness of your body and brain all year long with new classes each week to keep your mind clear and your body strong. This week’s offerings include:

Kristen Boyle – Engage in Stillness

Sometimes stillness is the most productive thing you can do. If you came into the new year running, enjoy this 35-minute Vinyasa flow, perfect for morning, lunchtime or an afternoon pick-me-up, complete with a vigorous flow and moments of complete stillness.

Kristin Gibowicz – Rock Your Body Yoga Sculpt

Work your abs in this fun 30 minute practice that incorporates sun salutations, squats, planks, push-ups and glute work.

Guru Jagat – Cardio Kundalini 3: Mind Clarity

Strengthen and tone small muscle groups in the body while clearing out brain fog, as we open to a new level of clarity and vitality in this full-body, cardio workout.

Ashley Turner – Yoga for Hangovers

The perfect weekend class to restore from the night before, this gentle hatha class will detoxify and put you back in balance.


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