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5 Essentials For Traveling (Plus Breathing Techniques)

5 Essentials For Traveling (Plus Breathing Techniques)

As much as we are grateful to get to spend quality time with our family and friends, there can be a few pains and discomforts along the way. On days when getting into a car or boarding a plane is the last thing we want to do, here are some essentials to help us get through the trip and the holidays:

  1. Tea bags: Having tea can be comforting and grounding. It allows us to slow down and enjoy the moments in between sips. For those of us that are caffeine-sensitive, decaf tea bags are light and easy to pack. Simply throw a couple satchels into a bag and you're good to go! 
  2. Oils: Whether for aromatherapeutic or homeopathic use, oils like peppermint oil or Pacifica's roll-on perfume oils aid in shifting our energies towards a pleasant one. Pack coconut oil as an all-in-one moisturizer for hair, skin and nails. Dab or roll on your favorite blend before your meditation practice from the cabin of a plane or in between flights. Freshen up when you're feeling nauseated from your travels.
  3. Book, notebook or journal: It goes without saying that there will be times when we don't get access to wifi, our phones will run out of juice or we are just too anxious to sleep. Make sure to keep getting your brain exercised by enjoying a good read or simply writing in your journal about what you’re thankful for.
  4. Palo santo: While we won't be able to use these inside a plane, burning a little palo santo before boarding or after getting off a plane ride can cleanse and renew our energies. Carry some in your car so that you'll have something to reset the energy flow when you hit a stressful moment or find yourself becoming a travelling zombie.
  5. BREATHE: Taking your practice off the mat and into your travels is truly a big part of living your yoga. Find sacredness in the movements of traveling and spending time with family. Even if it's for just a couple minutes, tune into the breath. Look around you-- find gratitude and wonder for the smallest of moments. Steady the body and mind by cultivating pranayama. Try simple breathing techniques like Alternate Nostril Breathing to clear out energy channels. 

Other than these essentials, don't forget to dress for comfort and avoid stressing out about things beyond your control. Embrace traveling lightly and with simplicity. For the yogis traveling this holiday seasons, safe travels and a Happy New Year from us at!


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