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Ways To Teach Yourself Yoga

Ways To Teach Yourself Yoga

The benefits of yoga are far reaching-- a regular yoga practice can make you more flexible, lower blood sugar, and even help improve your relationship. Your muscles and core strength will improve, and your stress and anxiety levels will decrease - who could say no to all that?

But for many who turn away from yoga, practicality is the primary issue. Either they don’t have time to learn a whole new fitness routine, they can't afford a membership at a yoga studio, or they might just be plain scared to try something new. Well, believe it or not, you don’t have to miss out on an incredible practice anymore. Yoga is actually a great exercise for newbies! And, thanks to the Internet, you can learn how to do yoga in the comfort of your own home.

Firstly: You Do You

Many people perceive the image of a yogi in their minds as: someone up with the sunrise, getting their salutation on while a kale smoothie is ready in the kitchen. At work, they always bring their lunch from home - and it’s always the more amazing salad you’ve ever laid eyes on. Yoga pants are tucked discreetly into their bag so that they can hit another class on the way home, and when it’s time to relax? They spend some time in warrior one while they sip a glass of SmartWater.

Wipe this image from your brain because a yogi does not always have to fit that mold! He or she is simply someone who wants to get in touch with their mind and body, and is willing to put in the work. Yoga is for everyone. Plain and simple. It doesn’t matter if you can barely touch your toes or you’re a contortionist for cirque du soleil - yoga is for you. So when you start your practice, focus on your own needs and don’t worry about what others are doing. This is your fitness routine, so always do what works for you.

Use Your Resources

Even if you are more confident than Beyonce and Demi Lovato put together, you may feel uncomfortable trying yoga for the first time. It’s unique from other exercises and nuanced in a way that might be challenging (at first). However, there are several resources available that will help you learn the basics before you even set foot into a yoga studio.

There are DVDs available for sale that can teach you the standard poses and review meditative breathing (which is a critical part of your yoga practice). If you’re trying to get fit on a budget, YouTube also offers lessons, full practices, and breakdowns of poses for the novice and the expert alike. These resources are right at your fingertips, so make sure you use them!

Don’t Miss Out On Meditation

As mentioned earlier, meditation is one of the key elements of a regular yoga practice. This might make us cringe; after all, with all the clutter in our brains day in and day out, how can anyone really meditate? Well, the answer is: they do yoga.

True, meditation is tough when we first start - but so is everything worth doing! The great thing about a regular yoga practice is that it guides us not only through poses that relieve stress and tension in your body, it also guides us through the necessary steps needed to quiet our minds and meditate to our greatest benefits. Of course, that will only happen if we let it, so by all means remember to practice your meditation, too! You will be stunned what a few minutes of quiet time can do for the rest of your day.


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