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7 Tips for a Strong Yoga Teacher Resume

7 Tips for a Strong Yoga Teacher Resume

As yoga continues to become more and more popular worldwide, the demand for teachers increases. Even though it can seem the world is full of yoga teachers, yoga continues to grow in popularity and there are always newcomers to the practice who need help and guidance if they are to improve their yoga practice or begin one. That means there's plenty of opportunities for you to get out there and get to work as a yoga teacher!

You may be the perfect person for the job, but you might be up against a huge amount of other people who want it too. While some studios hire based on many criteria, which can include an audition class and assessment of your actual teaching, don't underestimate the importance of your yoga teacher resume. Your resume needs to show the reader that you're the person that's worth bringing in.

Here are 7 tips on how to craft the best possible yoga teaching resume.

1. Show Your Experience

First and foremost, you've got to show that you've got experience. Many enthusiasts think that just taking yoga classes is enough to teach others, but in fact you really do need qualifications. It's not all about how long you've been teaching, but how and where you've been teaching.

If you don't already, you'll want to be sure you have a 200-hour teaching certification from Yoga Alliance. This group monitors yoga schools, and if you're trained through a registered school, this will hold a lot of weight in your resume. Ensure that you include this to show that you have what it takes. Also list skills and experience that are related, but might be slightly different, such as meditation courses, reiki certifications, massage certifications, and other related practices.

2. Include Social Media When Appropriate

“In most resumes, you'd steer clear of listing your social media page,” says resume writer Anna Johnson. “However, as a yoga teacher, your social media feeds could be helpful to a recruiter.” If you curate your feeds correctly, you can show the reader how you approach your teaching, and what you've been up to in your career so far.

The same goes for photos. Normally, you wouldn't need to include photos, but for yoga teaching jobs, they can be quite helpful. Some schools actually need a shot of you to put on their website or in their marketing materials, so having one ready is very helpful. Ensure you're using yoga photos that look professional, rather than a glamour shot or a selfie.

3. Keep To The Point

It's always tempting to throw in anything that you think makes you look good on your resume. This leads to them getting bloated, overly long as just plain irrelevant. You may well have been on the debate team at school, or volunteered with animals last year, but is this relevant to the role of a yoga teacher? Your work as a barista might show your ability to multi-task and work with people, but it doesn't matter that much, when studios are assessing who they want to hire.

A good rule of thumb is to keep the resume to one page. This forces you to be selective with what you include. Anything you write in your resume needs to be geared towards securing the job. If it's not directly useful or relevant, delete it. Quality is more important than quantity.

4. Relevant Experience Does not have to only be Teaching Experience

Your yoga teaching resume, will be different than your other resume(s) if you have another field of work. Yes, keeping to the point is crucial. Studios might be interested in your other work, but it's not the most important thing to highlight. 

That said, there are plenty of non-teaching experiences that are relevant and will give you an advantage to list on your resume and set you apart. Things like, how long you've been practicing, which styles you practice, useful workshops you've attended, intensives, trainings, and other non-teaching experiences that have enhanced your yoga expertise are worth listing! Meditation programs, and volunteering experiences could also be relatable.

Anything related to self-development might not be professional yoga teaching experience, but are very relevant to this job!

Including these things also helps to create an entire resume that's yoga teaching related, especially when you're first starting and it could feel daunting. Again, keep to the point, but get creative in assessing what is worthy to list. 

5. Use Online Tools To Help Create Your Resume

Writing a resume can be a time consuming and daunting task. If you don't write very often, or feel like creating a resume only about yoga teaching can be tough, there's plenty of tools online that can make the job a little bit easier. Many give you frameworks to work with. One that could help is Resume Service.

6. Make Sure To Include Your Contact Info

This sounds like a very obvious tip, but you'd be amazed at how many people leave theirs off, usually by accident. It's usually best to place your details at the top of the resume, or in a column to the side. Either way, it needs to be clear and easy to find right away. The best things to include are your phone number, email, website, and of course your name. It's not really useful to include your address.

7. Proofread And Edit Everything You Write

If you've finished your resume, that's great! You just need to proofread and edit it before you send it off. This is why it's essential you give yourself a good amount of time before you need to send a resume. It's best to give yourself at least 24 hours between writing and editing, so you can get some distance from your resume.

These points will help you write a yoga teacher resume that's bound to get you noticed. The best resumes show not just how qualified you are, but how much you care about the fine details also.

By Grace Carter

Grace Carter is a writer at Australian BigAssignments writing service. Also, she helps with content management at New South Wales assignment service.

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