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Find Yourself in a Bind? 5 Poses to Help

Find Yourself in a Bind? 5 Poses to Help

Yogic binds involve trying to bring hands together by opening the shoulders and rotating the torso. There are many different types of binds, and as with all things yoga—different levels appropriate for anyone, no matter how bendy they are or how fit they are. 

Binding is great for increasing mental focus and deepening postures. There are also lots of variations of binds. There are sitting binds and standing binds, binds that may remind you of such twists as a pretzel. If you want to learn more about yogic binds and perhaps add some to your practice, this graphic can help.

Be sure to warm up the body with easier postures BEFORE moving into the deeper openings. It is extremely important to stay tuned into your body and know if binding is not for you. Pushing yourself and your body isn't worth injury-- so if you're going to try it, stay present with the breath and mindful of your body.



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