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Featured Pose: Padmasana or Lotus Pose

Featured Pose: Padmasana or Lotus Pose

In the physical practice of yoga, or asana, our hands and feet are arranged to resemble the petals of the lotus flower. While it might feel elusive to get into the posture at the beginning, practicing it helps us feel more grounded and is a good opportunity to work on Pratyahara, or inwardness. Try to feel from within, rather than judging and looking at what's on the outside. 

When practicing Lotus pose, the key is to slowly work towards open hips and healthy knees. You don’t have to be able to sit in Lotus pose to meditate but if you want to, remember to warm up to it and listen to your body. 

- Sit on the floor in Easy Pose or cross-legged. Lengthen through your spine and root your sitting bones into the earth. You can always sit on a block or bolster for spinal support.
- Place your right foot on your left thigh as close to your hip crease as possible. Use your hands to assist you. Try to align your left heel with your hip joint while keeping your left ankle straight.
- Do the same thing with your left foot. Keep a slight flex in the foot to protect your knee.
- Rest your hands with palms facing up on your thighs in Jnana Mudra or thumb and first finger connected. Breathe deeply and begin your meditation of choice. 

Remember, there doesn’t have to be a goal in meditation. Look at it more as self-exploration, finding that seat of compassion, that seat of kindness, that seat of awareness within yourself. Try it today.


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