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An Offering of Service

An Offering of Service

I love this quote so much because it speaks the ultimate truth.  And the ultimate liberation toward this constant selfless action in life requires eradicating separateness.  Because what’s so epic about this idea is that … when we are serving ourselves we are actually serving others … but when we are serving others … in truth we are only serving ourselves. 

And we must not have attachment to the outcome because that would not be classified as an offering.  That would be a “doing” …

But it’s true

And then I started thinking about how we are in a state of manifesting all the time.  How in every moment, we are actually experiencing creation with our thoughts, our words, and our deeds.  That moment, when we actually realize that we ARE the creators of our life, is extremely potent if we truly recognize that we hold that power.  It’s like magic really.  And we CAN create all that we want to experience and enjoy in this lifetime.  And then I of course, had to ask myself:

What is all this for? 

I mean the “things” we create.  The house, the job, the partner, the relationships, the connection, the heartache, the family, the experiences … what is it all for?  And it came to me pretty quickly. 

We are creating so we may offer up ourselves in deep service to the Divine.  In every moment we are offering up bits and pieces of ourselves so we may serve what is in alignment with our soul’s purpose and reason for being here.  And it may be a lesson for us, or for them, or for no one at all … but it’s an offering nonetheless. 

And then I started thinking about all the human beings on this planet and how each of us, individually has something to offer.  We all come here with a gift you know … something to offer up to the Divine as our “work”.   And honestly, our only job is to know what that is and then give it away. Our whole life – know it, be it, and then just give it away. 

And THEN I started to think about what happens when we actually recognize what that offering is for ourselves.  And then subsequently have the courage to go out and share it.  How magical that moment is when we step in and say … “Yes .. .yes … this.” 

And how sometimes that can seem scary and quite preposterous.  But the magic that happens after that leap is epic.

You see, when we have the courage to believe in the support and abundance of the Universe; when we believe that the whispers from the Divine actually mean something and they are okay to follow; and when we believe in our own ability to make or dream a reality just by offering up ourselves … you know what happens?

We attract more people just like us - offering it up, and we are supported.  We begin collaborating with each other, which makes us sustainable, accountable, and unstoppable in serving the Divine just by courageously offering it up. 

Yeah … that. 

Do it … offer yourself up in all your glory, in your truth, in your wisdom, in your fear and in your courage.  I can guarantee you there will be someone, or even a team of people offering it up with you. 


By Dana Damara

“My passion on the mat is proper alignment, powerful breath and effortless flow so you feel that off your mat. Your practice becomes sacred space where you arrive to find more meaning, depth, authenticity and integrity in your life." - Dana Damara: mother, author, yoga instructor, speaker and yogini.

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