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Off the Grid

Off the Grid

This Mercury retrograde did a number on me for sure.  I felt like I was on the “Tilt-a-Wheel” these last three weeks.  Remember that flippin’ ride?  When I was a kid I hated that ride but now, as an adult, I thrive on it.

Over the last three weeks I was asked, by the Universe to up-level.  And that meant to drop the things that weren’t working, re-evalulate the things that were causing some angst, get some support, go out on a limb, pay more attention to my kids, incorporate self-care back into my routine, and take a hot minute to sit the f*%#k down before taking the next step.

Don’t get me wrong, I know exactly where I’m going and things are lining up, making it very obvious what’s next .  At the same time, there have been challenges that have been so potent and profound, I’ve decided to sit back and ponder for a moment.

I believe we are challenged the most when we are ready for exponential growth.  I believe we are triggered when we have some healing to do.  And I believe that everything, and I mean everything, is a reflection of who we are. 

MediThe healing that has taken place over the last three weeks has me feeling so new and …exposed.  My senses are heightened and my psychic abilities are emerging into a new but very familiar level of attunement.  It’s like I can see what’s next, and now it’s time to just jump in and do it with a level of consciousness that is, well, up-leveled.

I have been toying with this idea of girl empowerment and the elevation of the Divine Feminine for quite some time; years actually.  But you cannot fully move forward until you recognize why these “callings to do something” are so potent to your own existence.  And here’s why:

Your calling, is always, and I mean always, a deep healing opportunity for yourself, which in turn heals the collective, which is really why you are here. 

And we needn’t wait to be “perfect” in order to “do our work” or help others.  Quite the contrary.  We put ourselves out there as we are and lovingly use our tools to heal ourselves while helping others find their way.

I’ve taken thousands of yoga classes, been a part of hundreds of teleseminars, sat in circle with many people, held space for individuals, and cried many tears of release, regret, and joy.

But it has been over 15 years since I sat, on a beach, by myself and asked myself and the Higher Powers that Be … what is my highest calling?  It’s been that long since I sat in silence for more than an hour meditation.  That long since I booked a flight anywhere, by myself with no idea what was next.

It’s been that long since I said, “I’m outta here and I’m tuning out for a bit.  Forgive me, but my soul needs this.”  I’ve been in a survival mode for over 6 years and before that, I was asleep at the helm of my own life.  This yoga thing woke me up over 13 years ago, and it continues to peel away the layers of my own being so I can continue to be more, rest more, see more, and witness truth and love in action.  For real.

I have been called to live my life in a very different way than I was raised.  Asked to be a little different or unique as my daughters say. I’ve always lived my life like this.  And the Caribbean Sea holds my heart and soul.  I’m not sure why or if I will ever know why but I just know it is truth.

After all the turmoil in the planets and astrological mayhem which is really mystical cohesiveness disguised, I feel like this trip to Tulum has been divinely dropped into my lap. I told myself I wouldn’t take any more trips unless they were to a high energy vortex spot and I’m thinking I may be dropping into one, just in time for the New Moon in Gemini.

Everything I’m reading and studying is talking about new paradigms, uplifting consciousness, and big changes.  And this New Moon on June 16th is about delivering just that.  All the subsequent eclipses and potent Full Moons have been orchestrating our own personal illuminations while awakening those who are open to it.   Mostly everyone I know is experiencing this on some level… there’s just some that are conscious to it and some that are not.

I’m off the grid for a few days ya’ll.  You may see a few Instagram posts from the beach but just know .. it’s time.  It’s time to up-level and I’m doing just that. I’m just going to recharge in Tulum first so I can be of complete service to the Divine when I return.

See you on the other side!

By Dana Damara

“My passion on the mat is proper alignment, powerful breath and effortless flow so you feel that off your mat. Your practice becomes sacred space where you arrive to find more meaning, depth, authenticity and integrity in your life."

- Dana Damara: mother, author, yoga instructor, speaker and yogini.

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