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Easy Nut Butter Cups

Easy Nut Butter Cups


What you will need

  • Chocolate -- your choice (of course, I always opt for deep, dark chocolate or even raw cacao nibs).
  • Nut Butter (your choice)
  • Mini muffin tin
  • Two saucepans
  • Rubber spatula




Get Cooking!
Fill a sauce pan with water.  Place a smaller sauce pan on top (or use a double boiler, but you do not need a double boiler).  Fill the pan on top with 5 oz of chocolate (that is equivalent to about 1/2 bag of chocolate chips).  I added a small amount of ghee to my chocolate to make it creamier -- after all, I am in love with the country of france and all of the real butter, heavy cream and deliciousness that the french cook with.

  1. Once the water starts to boil in the bottom saucepan, keep an eye on the chocolate and stir frequently until melted.  
  2. Once melted, remove from lower saucepan (turn off heat) and pour a small amount of chocolate into each muffin hole.
  3. Place the entire tin in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes.
  4. Remove tin and add a dollop of nut butter to each chocolate masterpiece that you have created.
  5. Repeat the first three steps, this time placing a small amount of chocolate on top of the nut butter.
  6. Place tin back in the freezer for about 10minutes.


For those who do not use recipes (like me -- ha!)

  1. Melt a good amount of chocolate in a saucepan, on the stove
  2. Place it into each mini muffin tin
  3. Freeze it until you think it's done
  4. Add nut butter
  5. Melt chocolate again and cover the nut butter cups
  6. Refreeze



Add coconut oil, honey, or coconut flakes to one layer of the chocolate.

Don't like nut butter?  Or, allergic to nuts?  Melt chocolate and add mint essential oil, mint extract, chopped mint leaves and even dried fruit to the chocolate and freeze.  

Wrap each nut butter cup in parchment paper and give as gifts or eat them all yourself.  

Add a nut butter cup to ice cream.


By Meredith Cameron

Learning that she and we are more capable than we give ourselves credit for, Meredith Cameron creates space for students to reach out, dig deeper, and not take themselves too seriously.  Yoga and traveling are two life loves that seem to go hand and hand.   Follow Meredith around the world with her workshops and retreats - 500+ hour CYT.  To find out more about Meredith visit




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