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Meditation Trigger Points

Meditation Trigger Points

I’ve tried to listen to purposeful calming meditative music. The music became so banal its effect worn as quickly as that first jolt of morning coffee. Online discoveries of melodious voices male or female attempting to talk me through stages of quietude reminded me of a priest's last rites droning on to the dying. My mind wandered wondering if the voices were always so relaxing and calm. Did they every yell for a child to “move it” or everyone would be late for school or at a spouse for – well for anything? Maybe their households and acquaintances are in trances around them. My pursuit to incorporate meditation into my life has gone so far as attending a week long Vispassana retreat of forced meditation. I dropped out on day 5. 

Oh how I want the benefits of meditation. So, I defined what meditation is for me: a moment of quiet, inner peace and appreciation for life. Moment, ah ha! Moment isn’t just a time quotient but an image or situation that triggers my definition. Mourning doves or 2 turtle doves if you are a fan of the “12 Days of Christmas,” are my triggers. Mourning doves have a soulful coo, are monogamous and will perch on a bench or post in my backyard for the length of my attention span. When I see the pair I stop and listen or just watch. I’m meditating. My mind is quiet and aware simultaneously. 

Find your momentary trigger for meditation. 

By Karin Cooper

A great admirer and fan of committed people possessing the trifecta of health in mind, body and soul but am an admitted failure of all 3. A writer and college writing teacher. I focus my students on incorporating habits into their writing process and life.


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