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Yoga that HIITs

Yoga that HIITs

Ready to feel revitalized? One of the best ways to reach peak physical, mental, and emotional health is with HIIT workouts. We live busy lives and on the days when you need both a workout and your yoga practice, fusion classes allow you to have it all. This week, we’ve got four energy packed Yoga + HIIT Fusion practices to help you feel your best.

If you’re not familiar with HIIT, it is one of the most time-efficient calorie burning and muscle building workouts around. High-intensity Interval Training is composed of short periods of high intensity exercise to increase your heart rate alternated with low resistance exercise to allow your heart rate to recover. What’s key is the intense bursts blast your heart up to the anaerobic zone or close to your maximum rate, so you’re working hard. The timing of the intervals may vary, but usually the high-intensity bursts last half the time as the recovery section. Both are important!

Think alternating jumping rope with forearm planks or sets of burpees with wall squats. What’s great about HIIT is you lower blood pressure, burn visceral fat, and burn tons of calories––all in a ten to 30 minute class. According to health experts, HIIT workouts are much more effective for people looking to lose weight than longer steady-state cardio workouts.  

The time you save working this way provides the time to also step onto your yoga mat. Yoga and HIIT fusion classes build physical strength and keep your muscles flexible and your mind peaceful. Each unique modality complements the other and when you’re doing both in one session, you get the best of both worlds. HIIT workouts often emphasize core strength and overall coordination which translates to a better ability to stay steady in challenging yoga postures requiring balance and stability. Win-win.

If you’re ready to mix up your usual routine, these fusion flows are a perfect way to do it.

This week’s classes are specifically designed by expert instructors to guarantee you’re getting the proper intensity and balance with HIIT and complementary yoga all in one fun, effective class. No need to stress about whether you’re receiving the best of both worlds––these practices provide it for you. If you’re ready for an adrenaline burst, press play today!  

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