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The Ritual of Yoga

The Ritual of Yoga

Harness the power of ritual to maximize the benefits of your yoga practice. You probably already have rituals in place for many aspects of your life, from your career to your dinner plans to how you start each day. A ritual is essentially a set of habits you repeat regularly, often in a special or ceremonial way. 

One way to commit to a consistent, powerful yoga practice is to create a sense of ritual around it. Whether you choose to energize your day with a morning yoga practice or soothe your senses with yoga in the evenings, here are 3 simple ways to uplevel your practice:

Create a Dedicated Yoga Space: A powerful way to enhance your yoga practice is to set aside either a room or a corner of a room specifically for yoga and meditation. Sometimes it’s tough to filter out distractions, like the television nearby or your partner sitting on the couch watching you. 

You can make it as simple as a spot cleared out for your mat and props or more elaborate, with a small altar including candles, small statues like Ganesha or Lakshmi or Shiva, and decorations that help you shift into yoga mode the minute you step into the area, not just when you unroll your mat.

Set a Specific Schedule (ideally the same time every day): Repeating an action at the same time ingrains the action into your system. Your body will be ready to breathe and move, even before you’ve consciously decided it is time for yoga. 

Journal Your Experience: Power exists in the written word, so find a beautiful notebook and keep it in your yoga space. One of the most impactful journaling rituals is a gratitude practice. Take a few minutes to write down three things you’re grateful for, every single day, despite the circumstances. In addition to feelings of gratitude, try writing down how you feel before your practice begins and after Savasana. 

One of yoga’s magical powers is how it impacts our emotions and thoughts. If you’re feeling angry or sad prior to practice, note that down. Then compare when you’re finished and see if you were able to lighten up. Refer back to your experiences whenever you want!

This week, we’ve got four classes for you that celebrate the power of ceremony and ritual. Try one or all of them for inspiration to create your own.

Mark Morford - Devotion Intensive II: Arms to Hold

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Elise Fabricant - Morning Yoga Ritual

Life Force Project - Sacred Ceremony in Nature

YogaDownload Online Yoga Class

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