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Virgin Spinach Piña Colada

Virgin Spinach Piña Colada

The recipe is from spring 2020 when we had our first lockdown here in Estonia. I remember it very clearly as I was supposed to be in Jamaica and in Miami, but then life happened, the world became a crazy place, and I still haven’t taken this trip. Maybe this year! Fingers crossed.

Anyway, as I had planned a three-week holiday and prepped well with doing all my work for this time beforehand and yoga classes were canceled, I just spent 3 weeks at home cooking, drinking (smoothies mostly, but also cocktails as I was supposed to be on holiday after all), cleaning out all the forgotten corners of my home and binging on I don’t even remember what, but most likely some cooking competition. And here I am almost two years later and I still have not gone on that trip!

I will not even tell you about all the goodness in spinach and this smoothie (it definitely is good for you containing loads of vitamins, folates, and antioxidants), but keeping your nutrition balanced during health trouble definitely helps a faster recovery!

So go, go make this smoothie now and be transported to a holiday!

Oh, one more thing – if you use all the ingredients in their frozen form, then let them thaw slightly before processing unless you have a very powerful blender. I usually use fresh pineapple and frozen banana and spinach, and this works well.


1 cup of pineapple cubes (fresh or frozen)

½ cup coconut milk

1 banana (fresh or frozen)

3 ½ oz frozen spinach


Add all ingredients to a blender and whizz until smooth. Serve immediately adding a few slices of pineapple as a decoration. Feel free to add an umbrella.

Smoothies are usually not considered indulgent, and neither is spinach. But whizz together this smoothie containing quite a bit of this leafy green, call this a pina colada, and feel like you are on vacation! 

By Kadri Raig

Kadri is a food blogger and yoga teacher from Estonia. She loves to spend time in the kitchen, but most of her recipes are simple and don’t take more than 20 minutes of active cooking time. She thinks that everybody can find time to cook healthy food at home, it is just a question of planning. "I work in an office full time, teach yoga 7-8 hours a week and write a blog. So if I manage to cook most of my meals, then so do you!" Connect with Kadri and enjoy many more of her delicious healthy recipes on her website here:

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