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Yoga Sculpt: When You Want It All!

Yoga Sculpt: When You Want It All!

We’ve all faced the dilemma: you have a limited amount of time to move your body and relieve stress. Do you practice yoga or do strength training? Problem solved: Yoga sculpt. If you’ve never tried a yoga fusion class, here’s your chance to garner all the benefits of a strength workout blended with the mindfulness of yoga. 

These hybrid workouts can combine yoga with weights, barre, Pilates, HIIT, cardio––the variety is part of the fun! In these special classes, the emphasis is on getting stronger and sculpted, but also staying mindful and maintaining mobility. It’s one of the most efficient and effective ways to ensure that you prevent injury and enhance your strength, balance, and flexibility.

Here are a few reasons we love these yoga fitness fusion classes: 

Yoga Sculpt Workouts Boost Your Mood and Elevate Your Energy Levels. 

We’re all emerging from what may arguably be one of the most challenging period of our lives. Over the last year you may fallen into a rut with your yoga practice and your workouts. Trying something new helps stimulate your brain and gets your heart pumping and muscles singing. These classes move non-stop, stimulating your feel-good hormones or endorphins. Simply put, they are fun! 

Fusion Classes Save Time 

As the world opens up, suddenly our schedules are busier and our time to reset and recharge is becoming more limited. If you don’t want to miss out on your yoga or your fitness routine, a Yoga Sculpt class will allow you to stay on track. You won’t sacrifice dedicated strength work or lose out on maintaining flexibility. It’s truly the best of both worlds. In addition to all the physical benefits of strength and suppleness, you’ll receive the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga all in one class.

Yoga Sculpt Classes are Excellent for your Overall Health.

One of the greatest benefits of strength-focused classes is that weight training and weight-bearing yoga poses strengthen your bones. Once you turn 35, you start losing bone and muscle each year. By ensuring you keep your skeleton strong, you’re basically making sure you can stay active for many more years to come. Of course, muscular strength and balance are vital components to longevity and play a major part of these hybrid classes. You’ll also boost heart health by working at a higher intensity level. Yoga Sculpt truly gives you the best of both worlds in one empowering class. 

This week's classes are a blend of yoga sculpt, barre, and yoga and fitness fusion. Get ready to sweat and strengthen in this week's uplifting classes.

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