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Branch Out with More Uncommon Styles of Yoga

Branch Out with More Uncommon Styles of Yoga

"It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and the seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change, there is power." -  Alan Cohen

Change is good! We know it’s a wonderful feeling to step onto your yoga mat and practice with your favorite teachers. We all have our preferred types of practice, whether it’s a range from Ashtanga to Vinyasa to Power to Yin. Mixing it up helps us stay fresh mentally and emotionally and also ensures we don’t physically injure ourselves through too much repetition. So be adventurous this week and try something new. 

Have you heard of Katonah Yoga? The buzz is increasing around this style that’s been growing in popularity. Katonah focuses on alignment, but less muscular alignment and more sacred geometry principles. It involves a focus on organs as opposed to muscular engagement and seeks to shift your perspective by approaching the poses in a different way. It incorporates the Taoist principles of Yin and Yang, but doesn’t focus on one over the other. You’ll feel more like you’re in a workshop than a flowy Vinyasa class and the benefits are profound. Check it out and see if it resonates for you. 

Tantra Yoga: The use of the term tantra has been distorted so that many people associate it with sex. Tantra means to weave or expand. Tantra Yoga helps you get in tune with your authentic self and when you’re more connected internally, you more easily deepen your relationship with others. The practice teaches how to meld the entire person––physical, mental, energetic, wisdom, and bliss body––to become clear on what our deepest desires are and pursue them for ultimate happiness. A Tantra yoga class incorporates various styles of Hatha yoga like Kundalini and Ashtanga, depending upon the instructor. Chanting and meditation are also key parts of the practice. 

Kundalini Yoga: Kundalini yoga is a form of Bhakti yoga, (the yoga of devotion) Raja yoga, (the yoga of royalty) which is a practical systematic style of yoga that incorporates Patanjali’s eight-limbed yoga path, and Shakti yoga, (the yoga of harnessing your personal energy). A typical Kundalini class is made up of three parts, an opening chant, a spine warm-up, and a kriya, which is a special sequence of postures and breathwork. Fans of this style of yoga love it for the feeling of freedom and purpose it invokes from within.

The final class this week is less yoga and more of a mind-body experience. Barre class is a full-body workout that incorporates elements of Pilates, ballet, and yoga and is all about exhausting the smaller accessory muscles to improve muscular endurance. Each body part is worked to fatigue with high repetitions and light resistance. If you’ve never experienced the shaking that only a barre workout imparts, you’re in for a challenge! And the mental benefits are excellent because you can’t focus on anything other than the work you’re completing. Trust us on this one.

What are you waiting for? Step out of your comfort zone this week and try some new styles of yoga!

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