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10-Day Hanumanasana Immersion: Get into the Splits!

10-Day Hanumanasana Immersion: Get into the Splits!

Take a leap of faith into Hanumanasna! Are you ready to immerse and challenge yourself to attempt something new this week?

If there are certain yoga poses you’ve given up on because you don’t think you can ever do them, you’re not alone. What’s the point, right? But sometimes dedicating time to master something seemingly impossible results in deeper lessons than bending yourself into a certain shape.

There’s an element of the Niyama Svadhyaya or self-study when we dedicate ourselves to a challenge. Asana or the physical practice is only one of many layers of yoga. When we focus on learning a certain posture, the benefits extend deep below the surface of muscle and bone. If we challenge ourselves to spend the time to master a difficult pose, like Hanumanasa or the Splits, we tap into our inner thoughts and emotions too. We learn a lot about ourselves by the inner dialogue that arises when we work through difficulties, challenges, and limitations. 

This week, we’ve got 10 unique practices focused on Hanumanasa. Some classes explore more about the mythology behind “Monkey Pose” and some focus on the methodical physical openings necessary to achieve the pose, with modifications, of course. Others tap into the inner qualities needed, like patience, discipline, and consistency. So whether you end up in a full expression of the splits or some modified version, you’ll truly benefit body, mind, and spirit

In Hindu mythology, Hanumanasana represents the monkey superhero Haunuman, the son of the wind, Vayu and a monkey (vanara) woman, Anjana. His fame arose from his ability to cross vast distances by powerful leaps, stretching his front leg forward and pushing off with his back leg to propel himself. One of his most famous leaps involved the battle of Lanka, when he leapt from the southern point of India to Sri Lanka to help save Rama’s brother Lakshman from a mortal wound. Hanuman's stories and lessons teach us about the importance of unity and remaining open to love.

Keeping the beautiful mythology behind the posture in mind helps with the consistent physical effort required to advance into the shape. Hanumanasana emphasizes the Muladhara (Root) Chakra to encourage grounding and stability, and it stretches and strengthens all the muscles in your lower body. A methodical approach to creating the symbolism of leaping across great distances to save another gives you the extra motivation to show up on your mat day after day, regardless of whether you ever achieve full-expression. 

Join us on this 10-day immersion and you’ll not only feel more grounded, open, and strong, you’ll fortify your compassion and patience too. Let’s leap together!

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