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Meditate to Manifest: 5-Day Visualization Series

Meditate to Manifest: 5-Day Visualization Series

Are you living the life you’ve always dreamed of or do your intentions and goals seem out of reach?

In order to manifest our dreams, first we must be clear about what we want. What we focus on expands, so discover what you truly desire and direct your attention toward it, with energy and intention.

If you are new to meditation or haven’t meditated in a while, one of the first things meditation teaches you is how distracted your mind is. Usually, we have the same series of thoughts circling on repeat in our brains. If we can learn to quiet the distractions and focus our attention toward what which we wish to manifest in our lives, we can take the first steps to our ideal future. 

Meditation encourages you to quiet the distractions and doubts in order to make space for clarity. When we practice the discipline of consciously shutting out the negative thoughts and external interruptions, our mind quiets and stills. In that stillness, clarity or discernment has the chance to take root.  

When life feels challenging, it can be tough to feel grateful or believe your dreams will come true. Applying manifestation principles before or during your meditation helps. In order to progress, it’s vital to focus on the positive. Cultivate gratitude for what you do have in your life. Recognize that your thoughts work like a magnet so, the more you focus on things you want in your life, the closer they become. Learning to release a focus on the negative things you don’t want frees up energy to apply toward your desires. Your mindset is everything. 

We don’t always have control over external occurrences. We only have control over our attitude, our actions, our small bubble in the world. It’s more important than ever right now to focus inwards and build our inner strength and resolve. By meditating specifically to create a positive morning or day or life, we are taking steps toward creating our personal experience. We also learn to release that which we cannot control and focus on what we can. 

This week, we’ve got five meditations from different teachers, each with a unique take on manifesting the life you want. Try them all and see how you feel! 

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