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From Darkness to Light

From Darkness to Light

There are a couple of things I have found important though to share as we move into this New Year on this New Moon.

1. What are the three most powerful shifts that transformed you this past year? The ones that opened your heart to love.

When you sit and reflect on your life this past year, what brings a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart that is palpable? What brings your breath to an exhale because that moment in time is so alive in your heart it fills you up the instant you think about it? Remember those times and hold them dear to your heart with gratitude and grace.

2. What are the three most powerful shifts that transformed you this past year? The ones that rocked you to your core, and shook the very essence of your being … and THEN opened your heart to love?

Consider acknowledging those moments that hurt your heart so deeply you fell to your knees. Or scared you so badly, it took you a minute to catch your breath. You know the ones. The abandonment, the physical injury, the fear of losing something or someone, the grief, the guilt, the conflict … we all have those moments.

Take that same breath you had when you brought the loving, gracious moments into your awareness, and wash over these “not so perfect” moments with a deep exhalation of appreciation. It may take a minute, but do it anyway. Because guess what? In order to move forward truthfully, you must understand equanimity and have faith and trust in it all. It’s all perfect. It really is.

3. What does friendship mean to you?

Friendships are important, and to be very transparent, in my last three years of completely transforming my life, I have lost several friends. For some, it was time to let go, however, for others, it wasn’t, but I was too focused on my stuff that I didn’t give them the nurturing space and the love they needed to grow and trust and love our connection.

It’s how life works sometimes so we can’t beat ourselves up, we can only move forward with what we know now, in this moment. So ask yourself, what does true friendship mean to you? And then BE that to your friends.

4. How deep and potent are your connections?

Listen, Facebook does NOT KNOW your 20 Most Powerful Moments of 2013. Only you do. Your “friends” on Facebook are not your “friends”, well maybe some of them are. And yes, it’s nice to have loving energy thrown your way from your closest 1,000 buddies. However, at the end of the day, can you look your friend in the eye and tell them something difficult? Can you sit in silence and just listen when they speak about you and give you feedback? Have you opened your heart to love and intimacy? How truthful are you when someone says, “How are you?” Can you recognize another’s love, pain, joy and connection?

Can you feel another’s heart beat when you embrace them? How deeply are you willing to connect to your Self this coming year so you can deeply connect with another? Are you there for your friends as they are for you? What friendships are important to you? Are you being the friend you want them to be to you?

5. What magic are you willing to create this coming year? Where can you dig deep and find courage?

If you are your own powerful creator, and your thoughts create your life, what are you thinking right now? How are you thinking? About other people? About yourself and your worthiness? About the world in general and where and how you stand in it. Are your thoughts positive, skewed, chaotic or deliberate?

Streamline your thoughts and articulate them so you manifest your heart’s desires this coming year. Allow yourself to be distracted because hello, you ARE human after all! But in the stillness of one breath, bring yourself back on track .

What have you been most afraid of … do that!

6. What can you let go of gracefully and lovingly as you move forward?

For any movement to happen, we must be willing to let go of something. It’s a balance of energy! We can’t keep filling up if we are already full! What are you willing to let go of? With love and appreciation for the purpose it served? A pattern? A thought? A person? What is it?

As we move from darkness to light, and head into yet another year of our lives … take a moment today to sit in your accomplishments of the year. Find grace and gratitude for it all. Let it all fill your heart with joy and love. It’s all important and necessary… all of it.

And as you move into this New Year, take the least amount of baggage from last year so you are free to feel truth, freedom and love.

Deep bows to all my teachers, every single one that has crossed my path and has shown me a reflection of who I am in that moment. Deep bows to my own imperfections. Deep bows to the compassion and love available in every, single moment. May we all move from darkness to light and live with truth, compassion, gratitude, purpose, power and passion.

By Dana Damara


“My passion on the mat is proper alignment, powerful breath and effortless flow so you feel that off your mat. Your practice becomes sacred space where you arrive to find more meaning, depth, authenticity and integrity in your life."

- Dana Damara: mother, author, yoga instructor, speaker and yogini. Visit 

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