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Pause. Listen.

Pause. Listen.

It is such a peaceful, still and intimate time. Almost as if people need a moment to remember how they got to the mat they are sitting on. Their mind is now quiet as they rest in their bodies. It is a pause in our lives, a peaceful moment of stillness in our day. If we approached our lives day by day, moment by moment from this still, relaxed internal state I have a feeling we would all be living somewhat different lives. And I think we would all be somewhat different people. We might react less and appreciate more. We might talk less and listen more. We might see our problems more objectively, letting go and letting life sort some of it out. So why don’t we just live from that place where we are so connected to breath and body?

It seems that we have forgotten how intelligent our bodies are. We have forgotten the wisdom that rests in our body and put emphasis on the information we cram into our brains. Perhaps it is because our world seems to value logic, science, numbers and knowledge-topics which keep us in our minds.

Think about the body’s ability to heal itself without our assistance, its ability to pump our hearts moment by moment, the process of converting food into energy, its ability to guide us through feelings, all without our effort. It’s all pretty miraculous if you ask me. If our bodies are so miraculously intelligent imagine the potential of learning and change in our lives when we shift into that space more and more. But when it comes living day to day, we often hand over our power to the mind.

I have made some very intuitive decisions in my life – as I’m sure we all have. Ones that made no sense on the mental, rational, logical level but made perfect sense on a deeper, heart-centered level. They were the ones people would say, ‘You are crazy!’ ‘I wouldn’t do that’. ‘How are you going to make money?’ ‘What about your future?!’But I never regretted those decisions, the ones that came from within. They were often scary and challenged me alot. I definitely questioned them. But the strength of their desire was nothing that my mind could talk me out of. The more I neglected the information from my body, the louder it spoke. It let me know how frustrated it was when I didn’t listen to it.

In the end, what I am saying is - Take that moment after yoga. Become familiar with that feeling, the awareness of the heart trying to be heard, and open up to it. Let it be real. Let it speak to you. Listen, listen, listen. It is leading you to a higher wisdom and a more peaceful self.

By Susanne Mueller

Susanne lives in Vancouver, Canada where she teaches yoga, develops corporate wellness programs, leads nutrition workshops and works with clients towards better health. Susanne’s approach to Yoga and Holistic Nutrition is to connect people back to their natural selves. When we bring awareness and listen to that piece of who we are, we naturally eat, live and act in ways that support ourselves and each other. Read more about Susanne at

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