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What Do You Practice Every Day?

What Do You Practice Every Day?


It’s the every day occurrences we don’t even realize we are practicing that become habits. So why not add something positive in your life, like eating healthy, journaling, exercising, yoga or meditation?  I am a big believer in practicing something positive every day to create and maintain a positive habit. Here’s why:

• We are more successful in following through when things are structured and scheduled. Every day is every day, and there is no waiting until tomorrow, or when you feel like it, or when you can’t think of a great excuse, because it is already determined it is every day.


• The results of a good habit are cumulative. When you start to really feel good as a result of practicing it (for example yoga, even for 15 minutes) you get positive reinforcement.

• Creating a Habit takes 28 days. You may have already heard it takes 21 days to make a habit, but a study NASA did on space orientation in the sixties found it actually took 28 days for the astronauts to rewire their brains and become reoriented. This of course was 28 days, every day.


• Do you want to feel good every day or just some of your days?  Why wouldn’t you practice something every day to feel the benefit every day? Even if it’s only 5 minutes, the frequency of a daily practice is much more important than how long you do it for.


• There is great power in doing something daily. It gives you a measurement of your commitment, and every day you get to check in with yourself on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level to remember what is most important.


We are not our habits, but what we practice is what we become. This can be over-eating, complaining, staying up late, or eating in moderation, speaking positively and going to bed to get your 8 hours in. 


What are you practicing every day?


By Diane Sieg


With a career that has taken her from the chaos of the emergency room to the calm of her yoga mat, Diane Sieg first discovered yoga as a great source of physical and emotional healing during a personal crisis and has been practicing ever since. Today, as an Anusara-Inspired yoga teacher, professional speaker, published author, retreat facilitator and life-saving coach, Diane empowers people to live their most authentic life, both on and off the mat. Her teaching style is a calm intensity with strong alignment based principles. Diane is the creator of 30 Days to Grace: A Daily Practice to Achieve Your Ultimate Goals, both in CD and book format. Read more about Diane at



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