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Two Steps to Manifest your Dreams

Two Steps to Manifest your Dreams

Can you really manifest your dreams? Make your deepest desires come true? An ideal starting point is taking the time to clarify what exactly will fulfill you, what will make you content, and define what type of life you want to lead. If you don’t know what you want, how can you find it?

Visualizing your ideal world is the first step and action is the second.

In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Eight Limbs of yoga outline a practical path to finding your highest self and learning to become happy in the present moment. In the second limb, the Niyamas or five personal observances, Svadhyaya is defined as self-study.

“Sva” means self and “Adhyaya” means study or education. In this context, svadhyaya is a constantly evolving, life long learning process. In the quest to understand our truth, svadhyaya encourages us to reflect, meditate, and study sacred texts. By reading enlightened authors, we can learn from the wisdom of the great people before and around us. By stepping onto our yoga mats, we learn about ourselves. Through dedication and practice, the answers will appear and enable us to define our dreams and clear the path to manifest them into reality.

Once you’ve visualized your dreams, follow up your intentions with action.

Yoga is a practical discipline, so the action toward your dreams is key to success. Each day is a new opportunity to live from a place of gratitude and savor growth and transformation. While staying grounded in the present moment and appreciating it, we can continue to evolve and live the life of our dreams.

This week, we are happy to offer four classes to assist you on your journey to positively manifesting your desires.

We are all on our own unique path, so choose the class or classes that resonate with you most today. Whether it be understanding where you get in your own way, envisioning an ideal daydream in your future, using your physical body to get your thoughts in a beneficial place, or getting yourself motivated to take action, practice with us and step closer to manifesting your dreams.

Manifest your dreams with these four classes, right now!

1. Manifestation and Visualization Meditation - Keith Allen

2. The 5 Kleshas (Self-defeating Attitudes) - Bhavani Maki

3. Jackie Casal Mahrou - Morning Manifestation Meditation

4. Kylie Larson - Stop Dreaming, Start Doing

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