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5 Reasons to Do Yoga in the Morning

5 Reasons to Do Yoga in the Morning

Are you a morning person and already practice yoga when you wake up? Awesome! Feel free to skip down to our list of four fabulous new classes to start your day with and push play. Or, review the benefits of a regular morning practice and let us know if we included all your reasons why you salute the sun first thing.

If stepping onto your mat before the sun sets in the west isn’t your preference, check out five great reasons why practicing yoga in the morning could become a ritual you embrace and even learn to love. So, stop hitting the snooze button and who knows, you might even become a morning person.

Here are 5 reasons to make yoga part of your healthy morning routine!

1. Create a Good Mood: Start your day out right and create a positive mindset before circumstances conspire against you. Energize your brain and be awake and alert before you face the rest of your day. The morning is one of the most crucial times of day to create productive, happy, and healthy days. With online yoga, you can roll out of bed onto your yoga mat––easy right? 

2. Yoga as your New Morning Coffee: When you practice first thing in the morning, you naturally raise your energy levels. This means you can minimize or possibly eliminate your need for morning coffee.

3. Reserve Your Personal Time: Once the day starts, professional and personal demands can take over the day and suddenly, your planned afternoon or evening practice is no longer an option. Get your personal time first and no matter what happens, you completed your practice. Remember taking care of yourself first allows you to take care of those you love.

4. Stoke your Digestive Fire: Many yoga asanas like twists and forward folds compress and massage your internal organs and stimulate circulation. These movements aid in increasing your digestive fire and increase the circulation throughout the digestive system, which will help you feel invigorated and renewed.

5. Improve Your Sleep: Whatever time of the day you practice yoga, more restful sleep is a benefit because you soothe the nervous system and learn to relax more readily. By practicing in the morning, you encourage more regular sleep patterns because your body knows it needs rest before waking up and stepping onto the mat.

If these benefits sound appealing, create this powerful morning ritual and see what happens. Experts advise it takes 21 days to cement a new habit.

Start with these four varied new classes designed for the morning, and see how centered and energized you feel.

1. Robert Sidoti - Start Your Day Right (Free Class)

2. Pradeep Teotia - Wake Up and Flow

3. Kristen Boyle - Calm People Breathe

4. Keith Allen - Quick Energy Boost

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