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5 Reasons to Make a Yoga & Meditation Retreat in India your Next Vacation

5 Reasons to Make a Yoga & Meditation Retreat in India your Next Vacation

Vacation on your mind, but yearning for something different? Let’s retreat with a cause in the yoga haven of India, where the ancient science of the Vedas has proliferated into a compelling alternative lifestyle which is sustainable, self-empowering, and enriched with deeply seated wisdom. 

The legacy of yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda ricochets in this birth land of ancient yogis and world peace leaders. In the far North, the Himalayas stand in all its majestic glory where yoga has been a way of life since long ago. And in the deep South, in the tropical stretches of Kerala, Ayurveda, the priceless medicine of the Vedic civilization is still maintained in lived practices. Where else can you spend your days off to get rejuvenated and feel the power surging within at a cellular level, but here in India!

Here are reasons why you must experience this awesomeness as your next vacation.

Rest Because You Need To

To work is to live, but to work without break to catch your breath on is a menace! Once in a while, you need to give your body and mind a rest, press pause, and go somewhere far away. With a weeklong retreat planned away in India, you can finally get that much needed wink of rest. How rejuvenating it can be to be on a meditation retreat, laying out a deck chair and experiencing sunsets without any other responsibility!

Bleeping Out of Network

To remain unconditionally connected with the fast moving life around has become so naturalized in each one of us, that it seems like a dream to be alone with one’s own thoughts for a while. If you are desperately wishing your phone, and mail boxes to shut the hell off, a retreat in India can be a super excuse. Bleep out of network range for a few days and feel the stress building up in your body and mind drifting away. Take a book to read, the one you had no time to sit with in a long while, plug into your soul music, do yoga, travel to a faraway land, experience their culture, talk to someone new, see how the world becomes your oyster again, without the constant distraction of your phone.

Cellular Level Purification

Can you feel toxins accumulating and working their way into your health? Some common indicators of falling health show with chronic pain, fragile skin and hair, as well as a deep sense of fatigue. When you know the toxins have reached the brimful, come to a retreat to get back into optimal health. At many standard yoga retreats in India, Ayurvedic herbal spas and rejuvenating massage therapies will be availed to you in-house, so that you can completely detoxify and take home only good cheers from the duration of your stay at a retreat center.

Good Old Indian Food!

Anybody who has ever had a taste of food made with delectable Indian spices can never forget what joy it is to the taste buds! Indian food is an explosion of heightened sensations, and not just that, but a pack of health benefits come along with every dish. At a retreat in India, you are going to have great food served to you every day and bunch of priceless recipes handed out at cooking classes too. Holidaying with yoga retreats in Kerala has got more attractions for cooking enthusiasts, because the enchanting spice gardens of the Nilgiri Hills is so close by!

Reconnecting With ‘Yourself’

Our day to day hectic life has a way of letting our true Self slip away amidst all the fray. You cannot remember what your heart’s true desires were and your prayers to the divine. In the tussle of keeping up with the world around creates a disruption of our spiritual process which can only be re-claimed through meditation. At a retreat in India, you will be given the best of guided meditation and a space conducive to the practice. Happy coming back to yourself!

A lot of Yoga!

Practicing yoga has a plethora of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. What better way to recharge, than to make this the focal point of your next holiday? This is it, the best possible way to travel footloose and fancy-free, spend quality time with people you want to travel with, and come home with golden memories and undeniable mind-body benefits. 

So, what are you even waiting for!

By Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh is a yoga enthusiast himself; freelance writer Manmohan lets his free spirit flow with his thoughts as he pens them down in his writings. He loves travelling and believes that ‘knowledge shared is knowledge gained.’ This concept inspired him to set up his own yoga institute in Rishikesh,India and other countries to spread the message of yogic sciences. His Yoga school (Rishikul Yogshala) imparts teachings on Yoga and Meditation under guided instructions of traditional yoga teachers. Interact with him through his website

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