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Why We Should Retreat and Do Yoga

Why We Should Retreat and Do Yoga

Things to consider:


How often are you going to give it a go throughout your vacation? Plan them out so you can create some variation as well as coordinate a schedule with the class that you find. Consider doing it even for just 20 minutes a day, at least once a day.


How are you going to take a class? You can find yoga studios and join a class from your hotel, or a studio nearby. This is helpful for people who want to meet new people. But if you’re a first- timer, or prefer to learn new things on your own, check out online classes and do it from the comforts of your hotel room, or their lovely garden, or beach front, instead.

There are many hotels and places in tourist destinations that offer yoga classes and many online classes just like Yoga Download that will help you do just that. It’s great for long- time yogis and beginners alike. So give yoga a try and boost your health as you rejuvenate your mind and body with a soothing getaway.

It’s relaxing

Even if you’re new or know close to nothing about yoga, the one thing you can’t deny is the fact that it looks absolutely relaxing. All yogis attest to that. And isn’t that the reason you went on vacation in the first place? To relax? Join a class and take that relaxation to a whole new level.

You will find a great community

Joining any type of class opens you up to meeting new people and forming new friendships. Just think how those people are when they’re practicing something that relaxes them. Now, not only did you try something new and get to relax, you’ve also gained some great friends who will give you some tips about the place you’re vacationing at, or their hometown which you will be visiting in the near future.

Beats jet lag

Sometimes, a long nap just doesn’t shake away your weariness from the travel. But a good yoga pose (asana) like Sivasana greatly helps alleviate the jet lag. Savasana means you lie on the floor with stretched out arms and legs at a 45-degree angle to your body. It’s usually used at the end of a class to encourage a feeling of deep relaxation.

Boosts your stamina

Have you ever gone on a vacation where you wanted to keep going around the city and see more sights but your body just simply refused to cooperate? Try yoga. It boosts your stamina and helps keep you going from morning excursions to evening pub crawls.

It’s motivating

If you’re like my best friend, who’s always been curious about yoga but is too lazy to actually try it, a yoga class on vacation is a great way to motivate you to keep doing it even when you go home. Being on a vacation high while trying out something new, makes you want to keep doing it.

All you need is yourself

Granted, yogis have a yoga mat. But if you wanted to, you can do it with just a towel, or on natural ground. This makes it easier for you to try it out. You just have to show up and be enthusiastic about wanting to try this new thing out. Besides, if you really need a mat, most studios have some extra mats lying around to borrow or rent anyway.

Yoga is a great way to improve your health in many different ways, as well as help you eliminate stress faster and easier. There are many variations to doing it, teaches you how to meditate better; it’s also a great alternative when you’re too broke or busy to take a couple of days away for a vacation.

If you’ve recently booked a trip and thinking about giving yoga a go, do some research on the place you’re visiting. Check the hotel for classes, the city for nearby studios, and the area for yoga meetup groups. Find the one you want and add classes into your itinerary. Allow yourself to learn, relax, and be healthier all at the same time!


Michael Grant is an author and enthusiastic traveler. He believes that everybody, no matter what they’ve gone through, can better themselves. For more information about him, check out his blog here.

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