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21-Day Yoga Challenge: Nurture & Nourish

October 17th - November 6th

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WHEN: Monday, October 17th - Sunday, November 6th, 2022

WHAT: 21 consecutive days of yoga classes, with 3 class options available each day

WHO: Open to all levels - beginner through advanced

COST: Sign-up and all challenge classes are absolutely FREE for everyone!

HOW: Simply sign up on the challenge mailing list below to receive your daily emails once the challenge begins, and/or simply return to this page each day to view the challenge class options + interact with other challenge members from across the globe.

PRIZES: One grand prize package and three runner-up prize packages will be given at the end of the challenge - enter by commenting and posting about your experience with the class each day. One entry per person, per day, for each time you comment.

**NOTICE** you will need a free account on YogaDownload to access the free classes for the challenge. The free account doesn't commit you to any future obligation whatsoever. Please be sure to quickly create one if you don't have one already :-)


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About This Challenge

Are you ready to make this your season of self-care? Yoga can help you feel your best and heal yourself, and this 21-day challenge gives you the tools to feel more nurtured and nourished than ever. Join this journey with other challengers from all over the world to take your yoga practice, and your life, to the next level.

In this FREE challenge you will have a choice of classes each day. There will be several styles and unique class options throughout the challenge as well as meditation, Yin, fitness classes, pilates, and other fusion styles. There will always be a gentler and more nourishing class option. You have the freedom and choice to make this challenge work for you.

This challenge is truly for everyone, and suitable for all levels - beginner to advanced. This challenge will create growth and evolution, both on and off the mat, for all genders, body types, and levels of practitioner. 

Nourising yourself is vital to keep a sense of health and balance in your life. When you create time each day to nurture yourself, you create an atmosphere for positive things to flow into your life and become more resilient when life gives you challenges. 21 consecutive days of yoga will have you feeling fantastic. Commit to your well-being and sign-up today!


Prizes provided by:

FOUR lucky challenge prize winners will win the following prize packages:


1) Mayu Water Starter Kit - a Swirl and Essential Minerals drinking from a flowing river, the swirling motion of the Swirl pitcher naturally structure and aerates the water, replenishes dissolved oxygen, and balances pH levels to improve its taste and quality - $185 value

2) Renude Chagaccino Gift Box - $105 value:

a) Chagaccino Single-Serve box (10 packets)
b) USB-Rechargeable Handheld Frother with Double Whisk and 3 speeds
c) 16oz Can-Shaped Glass
d) Rose Gold Metal Straw
e) Mushroom-Shaped Stress Reliever
f) “Live Long, Die Pretty!” Pin

3) Dr Cowan's Garden Bundle - $260 value:

a) 1 Organic Three- Beet Vegetable Powder
b) 1 Organic Threefold Blend Vegetable Powder- Slightly Sweet
c) 1 Organic Threefold Blend Vegetable Powder- Savory
d) 1 Organic Low-Oxalate Greens Vegetable Powder
e) 1 Pre- Soaked Granola- Touch of Honey
f) 1 Organic Almond Butter
g) 1 Pasture Certified A2/A2 Ghee

4) 1-Year Elite Unlimited Membership - to YogaDownload - $120 value


1) Mayu Water Bottle - made from the highest quality materials, ensuring your water to keep only its nutrients in, and everything else stays out. All of Mayu's water bottles are made from 100% Borosilicate grade-A glass, with a sturdy, leak proof lid made up of a stainless steel interior and bamboo exterior - $30 value

2) Renude Chagaccino Single-Serve Box (10 packets) - your coffee’s BFF with benefits! Boost your morning brew with your new favorite fully formulated mushroom mocha and supercharge your typical coffee into a sugar-free, vegan, keto-friendly delicious latte. Cleaned up and spiked with an effective dose of the planet’s greatest adaptogens to support immunity, promote anti-aging, boost your energy without the jitters, and protect your chill. It’s the health and wellness version of an iced mocha latte (try it hot too tho). Oh yeah, and it’s delicious AF! - $30 value

3) Dr Cowan's Garden's Summer Savory Powder - made from plants that are biodynamically grown in Northern California and then carefully shade dried.  The shade-drying process preserves all the valuable oils and nutrients in the plant.
Besides adding a peppery, subtly spicy flavor to almost any dish, summer savory has been shown to be a potent medicine in lowering the levels of the ENOX 3 protein in the blood.  The blood level of the ENOX 3 protein is thought to be a specific biomarker for aging - ($30 value)

4) 6-Month Elite Unlimited Membership - to YogaDownload - $70 value