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$ 20.00

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6-Day Nothing But Core Bootcamp with Claire

Nothing But Core is an upbeat 6-day bootcamp designed to strengthen every aspect of your core. You'll move through different fast-paced intelligent sequences of planks, Pilates-based moves, and functional fitness. Claire created this program for the days when you want to work hard on your center and break a sweat.

Having a powerful center protects your spine, enhances your balance, and yes, it tones your abs too! When you practice these classes diligently, you'll create a strong girdle of muscle that will not only make you leaner but will also improve your posture. A strong core can also contribute to better digestion and improved organ health, and fire up your self-confidence and inner radiance in the process.

Your core houses the Manipura chakra, which is considered the source of your identity and the center of your ego and personal power. Self-confidence, willpower, self-discipline, and fire are all qualities associated with this energy center and by exercising the fire in your belly you can burn through self-doubt and trust in yourself more.

The classes in this program are all 25 minutes, making it ideal for those who want a short and intense workout. This bootcamp is suitable for intermediate-level students and up. This program is designed to be done in order and culminates with the most challenging class on the sixth day. You'll challenge yourself and feel stronger in the course of a week.

Claire Petretti Marti is a California-based teacher who encourages students to find the lightness and the joy in their own practice, both on and off the mat. She is a top YogaDownload instructor, a certified Pilates instructor, a Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, and also holds a NASM-certification for personal training.

Commit to strengthening your core and becoming the powerhouse that you are in the process!

  • Anyone who wants to strengthen their core
  • Those who want upbeat and high-energy practices
  • Students with some previous yoga and fitness experience

  • Six 25-minute core-focused fitness fusion classes
  • Upbeat and energetic practices to strengthen your midline
  • Classes that blend functional fitness, Pilates, and plank work


Full Program
6-Day Nothing But Core Bootcamp with Claire
$ 20.00
$ 20.00
Program Items
Day 1: Nothing but Core In this class you will move quickly through an intelligent sequence of planks, Pilates based moves and functional fitness, all designed strengthen every aspect of your core.
Day 2: Nothing but Core 2 This fast-paced class is designed to create sleek, streamlined and strong core muscles - having a powerful center protects your spine, helps you maintain excellent posture, and also enhances your balance.
Day 3: Nothing but Core 3 This practice is a fast-paced challenge for your abs and your back, and will help you maintain a healthy spine and sleek, toned abdominals - it's a perfect standalone class or add it on after yoga or a workout.
Day 4: Nothing but Core 4 This class focuses on building stability through your core with challenging ab exercises from Pilates, functional fitness, planks, bridges, and more - you'll sweat, maybe laugh a bit (hopefully not cry!) and feel stronger afterwards.
Day 5: Nothing but Core 5 Designed to help you focus on developing a powerful center, this class is a quick, intense workout that will tone your abdominals from every angle, strengthen your back to protect your spine, and has an extra focus on obliques.
Day 6: Nothing but Core: Advanced & Turbo-Charged This fast-paced, intense core workout will push you to your limits as you start with standing core work, move on to planks, a variety of classic ab exercises, Pilates-inspired moves, and trunk strengtheners.