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Maneesh de Moor

Stunning in its sensuality and lush with ethereal and earthly rhythms, Sadhana gathers a circle of musicians from around the globe for ten tracks of ethno-ambient chill/world that serve as an "aphrodisiac for the soul." Here, Dutch composer Maneesh de Moor has created an ecstatic blend of Tibetan chanting and didgeridoo, tamboura and acoustic bass, Persian santoor and piano, and the heavenly voices of Sudha and Sandhya Sanjana that will allow listeners to hear their walls dissolve into a joyful awareness of life.
A master of keyboard layering, Maneesh has taken his mastery of sound-synthesis and infused it with the sounds of nature—birdsong, flowing water, crickets in a nighttime soundscape—and the human voice—from whispers to deep, baritone chanting—to evoke "Sadhana": a contemporary tribute to the spiritual life of devotion and meditation.
On this new musical creation, de Moor ventures off into a sublime and devotional sound all on his own. "This album is not about musicality, but about transformation—this music is made for the energetic, physical, and mental state of well-being in the listener," says de Moor. "The music on this CD came through from the Beyond, guided by Spirit. All I had to do was to be open and receptive to it and record that space, that energy." The result is Sadhana, a journey inspired by the magical rituals of India, Tibet, Yoruba, and Native American and Sufi worlds—and meant to create a space for visions and Oneness.

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Full Album: Sadhana
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1. Drops of Light 1:05
$ 0.99
2. Raindance 7:33
$ 1.59
3. Oracle 5:27
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4. Silent Ganges 9:22
$ 1.99
5. Jewel in the Lotus 9:49
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6. Rivergoddess 4:18
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7. Peaceful Being 5:29
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8. Cosmic Flow 8:30
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9. Namaste (Sadhana-remix) 6:31
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10. Pure Essence 5:44
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