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Om Deeksha

Maneesh de Moor

For a tranquil immersion in the peace and spaciousness at the heart of enlightenment, Maneesh de Moor and a group of uniquely gifted musicians present Om Deeksha. Each artist on this one-of-a-kind album has been initiated to transmit "deeksha," a form of sacred energy and grace that supports the transformation of consciousness and fosters spiritual awakening. It is their intention for Om Deeksha to invoke the presence of the Divine and the experience of unity in all who listen. Infused with this spirit of love and interconnection, Om Deeksha offers ten tracks that range from uplifting, celebratory chants to meditative, moving soundscapes.

Featuring the characteristic sound of Maneesh de Moor?s blissful productions and the voices of Deva Premal, Sudha, Sri Anandagiri-ji, Yogini, Sri Krishnaraj-ji, and Anette Carlstr”m, Om Deeksha gives you a taste of the remarkable spiritual phenomenon known as deeksha, and is also a perfect musical tool for healing, yoga, meditation, and quality listening.

With vocals, keyboards, strings, percussion, Indian instruments, nature sounds, and more.

Full Album
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Full Album: Om Deeksha
$ 9.99
Track Listing
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1. Moola Prayer 9:39
$ 1.99
2. Bliss 10:47
$ 2.29
3. Jai Radha Madhav 6:21
$ 1.59
4. Morning Praise 8:53
$ 1.59
5. Invocation Of Bliss 8:15
$ 2.29
6. Interlude 3:39
$ 0.99
7. Om Bhagavan 8:39
$ 1.59
8. Chidananda 5:54
$ 0.99
9. Pure Essence 5:42
$ 0.99
10. Guru Stotram 3:32
$ 0.99