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30 min class (30:00)
$ 5.99
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30 min class (30:00)
$ 4.99

How to Cultivate a Stronger Practice

Michelle Berman Marchildon

This class is meant to cultivate awareness in the body and encourage muscle engagement during practice. Yoga is the union of both strength and flexibility, yet some students struggle to involve the muscles in their practice. Through careful cuing, Michelle tries to show how to bring the arms, legs, core and back body to life. This is a slow-paced class, good for all levels but particularly aimed at the beginning-intermediate student. If we can be more focused on strength, and conscious of our practice, then we can become stronger off the mat as well.

The sequence uses core and back strengthening poses that are woven throughout a creative flow designed to awaken, inspire, and strengthen both the body and mind.

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