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Restorative Yoga with Samantha Mehra

Samantha Mehra

The fast pace of today's life has more of us on the go, which can keep us constantly engaged with things to do. This bussiness contributes to stress in our lives, which we recognize and relate to quicker than we do our own pace.

The intention here is for you to stretch, breathe and connect with these 17 poses, which will help your body restore from old habits of bad posture, tensions and worry - giving you a sense of spaciousness, calmness, and ease.

As you connect with all the body parts it will remind you of how to sustain the miracle of life we have been given as a gift.

May you continue to share and shine your light. Thank you for joining us here on this journey.

Peace, love and grace to you all. ~ Samantha

**Click here to download the pose guide for this class

"Doing yoga with Samantha is a transporting experience. Besides having the voice of an angel, her teaching comes naturally from the inside out. I'm so happy that she finally put this together for all us fans to use at home." - Cindy Crawford

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