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Special MLK Day Class on Non-Violence (1:26:35)
$ 5.99
Suffering is Optional (1:29:08)
$ 5.99
Maybe Yoga Shouldn’t Be So Hard? (1:26:09)
$ 5.99
Introduction to The Kaivalya Yoga Method (1:29:32)
$ 5.99
The Power of Now (1:28:49)
$ 5.99
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Alanna Kaivalya Live - Bundle 6

Alanna Kaivalya

Special MLK Day Class on Non-Violence
When we stand in non-violence, we only gain things. We stand FOR things, rather than against them, and everyone benefits. This class is dedicated to the life and work of Martin Luther King, and is inspired by his dedication and application of non-violence. Please enjoy this uplifting class that includes philosophy, chanting and intelligently sequenced asana.

Suffering is Optional
Ever hear the Buddha's famous words "suffering is optional?" This wisdom is useless without a practical application. We end suffering when we learn how to let go and surrender our ego, actions and thoughts to something greater than ourselves. This class breaks it down in a real and practical way! Enjoy the revelation of yoga philosophy, uplifting chanting and rockin' vinyasa.

Maybe Yoga Shouldn’t Be So Hard?
Maybe instead of trying, judging and admonishing, we could just stick to the things we can do: Asana & Pranayama. This class explores the revolution that maybe yoga doesn't have to be so much work and we can just do our practice and let go of all the trying, judging and admonishing. Those things are too much work, anyway! So, relax, enjoy the practice and have a good time. This class features philosophy, intelligent vinyasa and uplifting music and chanting in the style of The Kaivalya Yoga Method with Alanna Kaivalya.

Introduction to The Kaivalya Yoga Method
This class was recorded in New York City as an introduction to The Kaivalya Yoga Method. During this class, we learn what Kaivalya means, and why it is the title of this yoga system developed over a decade of practice and teaching. This class features philosophy, chanting, intelligently sequenced vinyasa and an uplifting call to enjoy our lives.

The Power of Now
Eckhart Tolle made millions by telling people about the "Power of Now." This is an important concept within yoga, because NOW is really the only moment we have, and it holds the key to our happiness. Enjoy this class, which is complete with philosophy, chanting, intelligent vinyasa and fun music.

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