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Pulse Yoga

Argie Ligeros Tang

Argie Tang and Prisca Boris have created a totally new exercise paragon called Pulse yoga. This ideal form of exercise applies micro movements and free weights to basic yoga postures. These repetitive pulse movements serve to strengthen, sculpt and tone. The use of free weights with the postures defines muscles of the arms and shoulders. Key areas such as the abdominal, lower back and gluteus muscles are also targeted. The sequencing of yoga postures allows you to flow smoothly through the routines reaping the benefits of yoga such as flexibility, strength, balance and stamina. The pulse element works to sculpt and tone along the way. Pulse Yoga offers all of the benefits of yoga and much more.

All Pulse Routines:
• Apply the use free weights in novel ways to basic yoga postures.
• Strengthen and tone key areas such as the abdominals, lower back upper arms and gluteus muscles
• Teach core awareness
• Stretch chronically tight areas such as the hamstrings and hip flexors

Pulse Yoga I, II, and III are not progressive. Each one is a complete and unique workout that emphasizes different aspects of the Pulse Yoga Fitness System. Together they offer a spirited, challenging and highly effective exercise system. The efficacy is proven by a scientific study that compares it to functional resistance training. (see summary of Dr. Paul Arciero’s study)

Pulse Yoga I - 60:00
A basic yoga routine that introduces the Pulse concept of micro movements within a posture. Key areas such as abdominal, lower back and gluteus muscles are targeted. Alternating right/left pulse movements with free weights define and sculpt the upper body.

Pulse Yoga II - 60:00
Balance in Motion is emphasized here by connecting standing balancing postures in order to master control of the body in any position. Efficient simultaneous movements of free weights tone the upper body.

Pulse Yoga III - 60:00
Build stamina and strength through more intense use of free weights. Inner thigh stretching and strengthening, hip flexibility and toning of gluteus muscles is emphasized.

Pulse Express - 30:00
Only have 30 minutes? You can pack a lot of “Pulse” into that short time. A condensed routine that addresses major workout needs.

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