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20 min class (20:00)
$ 4.99
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Yoga-GO! Toddler Yoga

Kathleen Gregory

Yoga-GO! Yoga is for toddler/pre-k/kindergarten age kids and their caregivers. Just imagine if you'd have found yoga as a small child! Now here's a chance to introduce yoga practice (not yoga perfect) to your child. Invite your playgroup and friends over or simply enjoy with your own kids as we head out on a somewhat wild trek to the Wild Animal Park. We will wake up early in the morning and once at the Park we get to know the elephants a bit better, learning modified yoga poses and songs for this energetic age group, and eventually winding down with a relaxing "sleeping yogi." As you well know, young children are unpredictable and so is the flow of the class, as following the needs of our "funster" youngsters is part of the adventure!

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