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7 New Classes This Week

Posted on 9/22/2012 by Yoga Download in Alanna Kaivalya new classes katie silcox diane sieg

Lots of great new classes added this week, including 3 unique classes and 2 amazing meditations from our newest instructor, Katie Silcox. We also added 30 Days to Grace - a powerful life-changing program from Diane Sieg, and a new class from Alanna Kaivalya that was filmed in beautiful Bali!

Class from Katie Silcox

Earth Grounding Tantric Flow

A dynamic vinyasa-based practice designed to build your connection to apana vayu - the pranic force that grounds, stabilizes and connects us to the bigger world we live in. Use this class anytime in your life when you need to surrender, let go or reduce anxiety and fear

Belly Fire - Yogic Practices for Good Digestion
Special practices involving breath, visualization, kriya and bhanda that help build the fire of both physical as well as mental/emotional digestion. Use this class to build digestive fire, cleanse and tone the belly-organs and connect you to the subtle transformative fire of the navel.

Fire of Transformation Tantric Flow
A dynamic vinyasa-based practice designed to build your connection to samana vayu - the pranic force that assimilates, digests and connects us to the fire of personal transformation. Use this class anytime in your life when you need more balance and transformation. Get ready to throw the yourself into the fire of who you are becoming!

Power and Presence - A Pranic Meditation
A pranayama and meditation that you can use anytime you want to feel the power that exists in your own bring. This practice helps heal the heart and empower us in our capacities of will, action and knowledge.

Sweet Balance - A Pranic Meditation
A pranayama and meditation that you can use anytime you need to feel connected to your sweet inner guide. This practice helps balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, improves memory, enhances intelligence and soothes the central nervous system. A softening serum for the modern stress-based malaise.

About Katie Silcox
Katie Silcox has studied with the world's pre-eminent teachers, scholars and visionaries in the world of mind-body health. She is a senior teacher within the Tantric Sri-Vidya-based ParaYoga lineage, and works in close mentorship with her teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker. In 2009, Katie was named one of San Franciscoʼs Best Yoga Teachers Under 30 by Common Ground Magazine. She currently writes for Yoga Journal Online, has a regular radio slot on Where is My Guru, and is a nationally sponsored female athlete for Athleta. Katie is also certified Ayurvedic Wellness Educator and her studies include personal mentorship with Devi Mueller, President of the Ayurvedic Medical Association and Dr. Claudia Welch, author of Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life. Katie currently teaches workshops, retreats and trainings internationally.

30 Minutes to Grace by Diane Sieg
30 Days to Grace is a powerful, life-changing program that guides you through a series of grounding and empowering activities for 30 minutes first thing in the morning for 30 consecutive days. These activities are designed to work together to support you in focusing on your predetermined intention, or goal, in an area of your life where you'd like to direct more energy and experience change.

The activities include deep breathing, yoga poses, meditation, and journaling. Each day of your practice will then end with a few moments of gratitude.

Through this program you will experience change almost immediately. When you give this gift to yourself for 30 days, you will be amazed at all the ways in which your grace will manifest itself!

About Diane Sieg
From the chaos of the emergency room to the calm of her yoga mat, professional speaker, published author, certified yoga teacher, and life coach Diane Sieg will give you life-saving strategies by showing you how to take care of yourself, take charge of your life, and take daily action!

As an emergency room nurse for over 20 years, I have seen it all. The 40-year-old executive who fell asleep at the wheel because she was too tired. The electrician with 80 percent of his body burned because he got too distracted. The young mother of four who ignored the lump in her breast the size of a grapefruit!

So many of the patients I treated had one common denominator—they were trying to do too much, too fast, too often. All were living in chaos! more

60 Minutes In Paradise with Alanna Kaivalya
In 60 minutes you can create ultimate health and harmony through this well-balanced vinyasa flow practice that will challenge, stretch and sooth your body and mind. This Kaivalya Yoga Method practice led by Alanna Kaivalya is filmed on the beautiful island of Bali and includes a soundtrack of Alanna's music!


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