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New Classes Added this Week

Posted on 9/12/2012 by Yoga Download in new classes Amy Baglan Ingrid Von Burg Nancy Nielsen partner yoga yoga for grandparents

We have three awesome new classes added this week, including a meditation from Nancy Nielsen (the one who brought you the popular class, Twisting Out Negativity and Doubt), plus new podcast additions from miss Alanna Kaivalya!

New classes this week:

Partner Yoga Vinyasa Flow with Amy Baglan
Now you can experience partner yoga 24/7! Partner yoga gives us a constant source of creative, effective hands-on adjustments which allow us to find a deeper expression of poses than we can experience ourselves. Discover new tools for non-verbal communication, trust, surrender, problem solving, stillness and more through this partner yoga vinyasa flow, as you synchronize your breath and movement with that of your friend or loved one. Explore fundamentals in partner standing, balancing, backbends and seated poses in this 60 minute class.

Grounding and Centering Your Personal Field with Nancy Nielsen
This guided meditation will connect you to your personal energy field, while guiding through the process of clearing your space, connecting to your heart, and creating intention in the present moment. Nancy guides you through healing imagery that when practiced regularly will heighten your ability to harness your own energy and power.

Yoga for Grandparents with Ingrid Von Vurg
Grandparents are truly special people, and the younger generations are so often searching for a way to connect with this part of their family. Grandparents have much to share, and grandkids have much to learn! By doing yoga together, it enables them to find the peace in each of themselves, and then be able to communicate on the best of all levels. In this video, we break down the yoga poses into fun, relaxing movements, which are the same ones we teach to the kids in Yoga for Families. After you learn the movements, you can do them with your kids!

New Podcast Classes from Alanna Kaivalya:
Bundle 10
  • Practice & Detach
  • Equanimity
  • Art of Appropriateness
  • Goddess of Music
  • Yoga in Now
  • Your World

Bundle 9
  • Free Your Mind
  • The Role of the Guru
  • Living Free
  • Gayatri Mantra
  • Whole & Complete



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