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2-Week Spring Challenge for Clearing and Cleansing

This challenge has ended - a BIG congrats to all those who participated! Be very proud, and be sure to soak and bask in the benefits for all your hard work and effort (doesn't it feel GREAT?!)!! And most importantly, continue with your momentum. Do your best to keep up with your consistent practice...even 20 mins can change your entire day!

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Runner Up Winner 3: Jennifer W. - Addison, IL.

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2024 Clearing and Cleansing 2-Week Spring Challenge


2024 Clearing and Cleansing 2-Week Spring Challenge

Day 5 - 2-Week Spring Challenge for Clearing and Cleansing

Day 5 - 2-Week Spring Challenge for Clearing and Cleansing

Welcome to Day 5 of our 2-Week Spring Challenge for Clearing and Cleansing!

Friday, April 12th

Welcome to day five of YogaDownload's 2-Week Yoga Challenge for Clearing and Cleansing! Today, we have two invigorating class options to help you stay motivated and committed to your practice.

You can start your day with the On-The-Go Detoxifying Sequence from Life Force Project, a quick and effective practice designed to detoxify your body and refresh your mind. Alternatively, you can join Ben Davis in Fitness n Yoga: Interval flow, a dynamic flow that combines yoga and fitness elements to boost your energy and improve your strength.

As you step onto your mat today, focus on staying present and listening to your body. Allow yourself to fully experience each movement and breath, letting go of any distractions or tension. Remember to embrace the challenge and enjoy the journey.

Whether you choose to detoxify on-the-go or flow with intervals, know that you're continuing to take positive steps towards greater clarity and cleansing. Keep up the great work!

**Remember, if you're feeling in the mood for something different you can choose any of our free classes on our site (or any other class you'd like!).

The most important thing is to show up and get on your mat!

A Brief Detox:

On-The-Go Detoxifying Sequence with Life Force Project

15 min class

Level:  All Levels | Intensity: Ahhhhhh

The perfect practice to take with you anywhere you might need a brief detox and clarifying practice. With attention to breath and the senses, you'll be guided to ground yourself in the moment and in your body. Techniques for lymphatic drainage, joint therapy, improving circulation, and calming the nervous system are introduced to achieve optimal function of the brain, digestion, cleansing and rebuilding systems in your body. After this practice you'll be prepared to speak connected to your intuition, protect yourself against environmental pathogens, and be present to the moment and any opportunities that may arise. This sequence can be used as a simple morning practice, to wind down at the end of the day, or to prepare for air travel or any pressured situation, like an important meeting. Enjoy, and namaste!

A Meditative Sequence:

Fitness n Yoga: Interval flow with Ben Davis

40 min class

Level: Adv. Beginner & Up | Intensity: Everyday Namaste

Enjoy this meditative Hatha-based sequence performed on a 30/10 interval scale. You will hold poses for 30 seconds and have 10 seconds of transition time between postures.

**you only need to choose one class**

Share your challenge experience in the comments section below and/or post or story on IG or Facebook for a chance to win a prize package! Each comment and post/story counts as one entry (be sure to tag @yogadownload). 

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Avatar  CaroPaul last month

I was feeling guilty about being a day behind so did the 15 minutes class on top of Day 4 to catch up. I really liked it! I loved her matter of fact delivery. Will save this one for anytime I need a quick pick me up!!

Avatar  JenH last month

I chose the 15 min class with Life Force. Nice little release when you don't have much time

Avatar  Melly last month

I did Ben's class which I felt wasn't as hard as I thought it might be. Still felt good for my body, but felt it was more yoga than fitnesss

Avatar  Allysa Friedman last month

Ben’s class was very different, as it was not a traditional flow. It was effective & by the end, I wished there was more. Namaste

Avatar  josie last month

A bit short on time, so this flow was perfect. It also got into all the right places from the last few days. Strength and Tone. Whew

Avatar  Trice last month

Tried the life force project. It was ok but not a favorite of mine.

Avatar  Desyree last month

Life force project was OK. Good to have another option for a quick class when I dont have much time. It would probably be good for when I am low energy. Overall, I am glad I tried it, but I still want to try Ben's class!

Avatar  Heather last month

I did the Life Force Project's De-tox class this morning. It was short and sweet and helpful while waking up. Thanks, YDL!

Avatar  Kaye last month

I chose Ben's class today. I really enjoyed this sequence of poses. More relaxed that his other classes.

Avatar  Chris last month

Another late night getting to the mat and tonight time I had a cocktail, dinner and then a soak in the hot tub before doing Ben's practice, which was awesome. I like his no-nonsense approach.

Avatar  Enlightened Muffin last month

Friday took a walk during lunch time and some yin yoga in the afternoon #zen

Avatar  MPYoga last month

Today, I did the class from Life Force Project. I really enjoyed it for a quick class.

Avatar  YogiITWEst2018 last month

Since I have practiced Ben's interval flow many times, one of my favorites... I tried the life force project today. I hope that they can make longer videos, I was a little sad when it was over! Relaxing. Thank you Life force project!

Avatar  Sheila M Durante last month

I tried the Life Force class. It took me longer to find it than do it! Short and sweet, it felt good to get rid of stagnant energy and get grounded. Will use this again! Thank you

Avatar  Kathy last month

I chose Ben's class tonight and while I thought I needed a fast pace class, I discovered this class was exactly what I needed. I enjoyed the longer poses of the holds and the slower paced class. Namaste!

Avatar  Carrie last month

I did the quick detox class today and it was great!!

Avatar  Amy last month

I had a busy day today so the On-The-Go class was a perfect fit for me today. Hoping to get a longer class over the weekend.

Avatar  Bek S last month

I can't say no to Ben! I wasn't expecting this class to be so relaxing. Not much of a flow, but a really nice series of stretches/ poses to wind down. It was a good way to end the work week.

Avatar  Lindsay last month

I chose Ben's Interval Flow for Day 5 and it was oh so good. I love Ben's classes and it was just what my body needed today! Namaste!

Avatar  pammy last month

Day 5! I have to say, I really welcomed a short sequence today ; ) I had a day-long virtual (thankfully!) conference so was short on time. I used one of my breaks to invert in my yoga swing....ahhhhh! Then practiced the detox sequence after conference ended. The movements felt nice.

Avatar  Leizel last month

I took On-The-Go Detoxifying Sequence with Life Force Project today. Feel more balanced after the class.

Avatar  Jennie last month

I did a barre class after work so the quick Detoxifying Sequence was perfect after it. It would also be great in the morning to loosen up, but I'm not sure I would do this on the ground in the airport as recommended. Maybe if you have access to one of those nice lounges with a clean floor. haha.

Avatar  Carolyn last month

I especially loved the On-The-Go Detoxifying Sequence with Life Force Project. I rarely on some of these moves and the scalp. I appreciate the guidance and challenge! Thank you!

Avatar  Pat last month

I enjoyed Ben's class today. It was different with the interval holds, but all good and I feel relaxed and stretched. I may try the detox class before bed one evening.

Avatar  Andrea last month

I picked Ben’s class today. Loved the interval holds. I felt relaxed and challenged all the same!

Avatar  Jennifer A. last month

The detox sequence was perfect for battling food coma after lunch, but I think it would be great to do before bed or just after waking up too!

Avatar  Lauren last month

The detoxifying sequence was good for my day!

Avatar  Skaita Yogi last month

How interesting Ben’s class was! I mean, the transitions are not usual, there are no bells and whistles, just the rhythm and some great stretches. My breath had main character energy, and I liked that.

Avatar  jenndugan1 last month

I chose Fitness n Yoga: Interval flow with Ben Davis and i really liked the results. I would have liked a little centering prior to the class start but I made notes for that for next time.

Avatar  Sarah last month

On-The-Go Detoxifying Sequence was a unique class and something I will come back to when I just want to get out of my head for a few minutes with some gentle movement and self-massage.

Avatar  Niki last month

I really liked Sybil's class. It's one to come back too whenever I'm feeling out of sorts. Ben's class felt good but was a bit slow for me.

Avatar  MaryJane last month

I have been working on my lymph and fascia and the Life Force class was wonderful. Elements of qigong and lymph work were just right.

Avatar  Ashley last month

I really liked the detox class today

Avatar  Julia May Wong last month

I have a lot to accomplish today, so I started my day with Sybil's quick session. A good stretch and shakeout for the morning! 💗

Avatar  Andrea last month

I completed Ben’s class and loved it. I felt so much better after completing it. Thanks for a great class!

Avatar  Andie last month

Had no idea of classes by Life Force Project, so in the interest of expanding my yoga practice via challenges I chose detox sequence with Sibyl. We all benefit from a push out of our routines. Thx YDL. 🙏🏼

Avatar  Mimi last month

30/10 interval! Yes! Great stretch with Ben.

Avatar  Terry last month

I really enjoyed Sybil’s On the Go Detoxifying Sequence! Love the reminder that anytime on your mat, no matter where you are, provides such great benefits! This flow was really lovely. Thank you 💚🙏🏻

Avatar  Baynicole last month

I chose Ben’s class. It was easy to follow and the cues were on point. I feel more refreshed afterwards, but wish it was a little more intense. Thanks!

Avatar  Debbie last month

Thanks life force for those wonderful exercises. I also want to squeeze Keith’s class in this weekend. Looks wonderful.

Avatar  Susan last month

I feel like I’ve done a really nice stretchy class. I’m awake, alert, and feeling great for the rest of the day! I shall be doing this class often. :-)

Avatar  Robin last month

I chose Ben’s class today. I really enjoyed it. 😊

Avatar  Angie last month

I took Ben’s class today because I had time to work longer. Felt like kind of a Hatha boot camp if that were a thing. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Avatar  Linda last month

I am feeling really stiff and sore this morning so I chose the Detox Sequence, It really helped me stretch and prepare for the day. I enjoyed the shaking of the body to release tension and I always like a good side bend in the morning. Although I can't see myself on the floor in an airport doing it I did enjoy the sequence at home!

Avatar  Jamie Annear-Feyrer last month

I used the detox sequence this morning as a quick way to help my body wake up and start moving energy. I’ve been away from a regular practice, so it was a great way to re-introduce myself to the benefits:)

Avatar  Jennifer last month

I woke up a little late today, so I was grateful for Sybil's class this morning. It provided a good stretch and moment of grounding before having to get racing for the day.

Avatar  ljsmom last month

I did the brief detox with Sybil. I used it as a follow up to a Barre practice from YDL and it was a nice grounding and finish.

Avatar  Oralee last month

The On-the-Go Detoxifying Sequence was great! Sibyl threw in a few very powerful messages for the mind as well. Best 15 minutes of the day!


Welcome to our 2-Week Spring Yoga Challenge for Clearing and Cleansing! As we transition into the vibrant energy of spring, it's the perfect time to refresh our minds, bodies, and spirits. We invite you to join us on a journey of purification and renewal through yoga. And the best part is the challenge, and all classes throughout, are completely FREE!

Each day of the challenge will offer two class options centered around the theme of clearing and cleansing. These classes have been thoughtfully curated to help you release stagnant energy, detoxify your system, and invite in a sense of clarity and vitality.

Clearing and cleansing are not just physical processes—they're also about letting go of mental and emotional clutter. Use this challenge as an opportunity to connect with yourself on a deeper level and cultivate a sense of inner peace and balance.

Whether you're looking to detoxify your body, declutter your mind, or simply embrace the rejuvenating energy of spring, we're here to support you every step of the way. Get ready to cleanse, clear, and renew with our Spring Yoga Challenge!


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