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2-Week Spring Challenge for Clearing and Cleansing

This challenge has ended - a BIG congrats to all those who participated! Be very proud, and be sure to soak and bask in the benefits for all your hard work and effort (doesn't it feel GREAT?!)!! And most importantly, continue with your momentum. Do your best to keep up with your consistent practice...even 20 mins can change your entire day!

And without further ado, here are the winners of our amazing prize packages:

Grand Prize Winner: Melissa T. - Cortlandt Manor, NY

Runner Up Winner 1: Andrea W. - Grosse Pointe, MI

Runner Up Winner 2: Carolyn C. - Easton, MD.

Runner Up Winner 3: Jennifer W. - Addison, IL.

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2024 Clearing and Cleansing 2-Week Spring Challenge


2024 Clearing and Cleansing 2-Week Spring Challenge

Day 1 - 2-Week Spring Challenge for Clearing and Cleansing

Day 1 - 2-Week Spring Challenge for Clearing and Cleansing

Welcome to Day 1 of our 2-Week Spring Challenge for Clearing and Cleansing!

Monday, April 8th

Welcome to day one of our 2-Week Yoga Challenge for Clearing and Cleansing! We're thrilled to have you join us on this journey of self-discovery and renewal. Over the next two weeks, you'll have the opportunity to explore a variety of yoga practices designed to help you clear out the old and invite in the new.

Each day of the challenge will offer two class options, but don't worry—you only need to choose one class that resonates with you. Today, you can choose between Yin Yoga - Finding Your Center with Kylie Larson, a 30 min all levels practice that will help you find balance and stillness within, or Anytime Detox Flow with Jackie Casal Mahrou, a 30 min flow designed to detoxify your body and refresh your mind.

Whether you're looking to release tension, improve flexibility, or simply find a moment of peace in your day, these classes are here to support you. Remember, this challenge is about honoring your body and your journey, so listen to your body's needs and choose the class that feels right for you today.

Let's begin this journey together, with an open heart and a willingness to embrace the transformation that awaits. Enjoy your practice, and may you find clarity and cleansing in body, mind, and spirit.

**If you're feeling in the mood for something different you can choose any of our free classes on our site (or any other class you'd like!).

The most important thing is to show up and get on your mat!

**IMPORTANT** - remember, you will need a free account on YogaDownload to access the free challenge classes. The free account doesn't commit you to any future obligation whatsoever. Please be sure to quickly create one now if you don't have one already. 

Clear Your Mind:

Yin Yoga - Finding Your Center with Kylie Larson

30 min class

Level:  All Levels | Intensity: Ahhhhhh

This yin class is all about tuning out distractions, moving inward and becoming so strong that outside forces don't make us react. Lofty goals for a yoga class, right?! Your mantra throughout this class is: I have no where else to be. I have nothing else to do. I have nothing else to think about. You can expect to open your hips, your heart and do some gentle twisting.

Let Go:

Anytime Detox Flow with Jackie Casal Mahrou

30 min class

Level: Intermediate| Intensity: Everyday Namaste

Let go of negative mental and physical patterns with this grounding flow. This short class will gently warm and open your body while giving you space to let go of toxic thoughts or energy so that you find freedom. You will flow through Sun Salutation variations, find freedom with some twisting and balancing postures, then wind down. Take 30 minutes out of your day (morning, noon or night) for this short class. Enjoy!

**you only need to choose one class**

Share your challenge experience in the comments section below (and also say hello and where you're from since it's day 1!) and/or do a post or story on IG or Facebook for a chance to win a prize package! Each comment and post/story counts as one entry (be sure to tag @yogadownload). 

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Avatar  Carol Hagen last month

Really enjoyed the Yin Yoga with Kylie. It's perfect for an evening relaxation. Since I have been traveling and in the car for long periods of time, I chose this class even though I couldn't do it on Day 1. I did scroll through all 14 days. There were not that many classes for all levels. Since I am a beginner, there were many advanced beginner or intermediate that I chose to skip. But his class was excellent.

Avatar  YogiITWEst2018 last month

Jackie's flow was exactly what I needed after yesterday's yoga" workout".... just enough movement and stretch to keep my muscles from becoming too sore

Avatar  Enlightened Muffin last month

I mentally bookmarked Kylie’s class for the time I was in the mood for yin - which was on day 7 of the spring challenge.

Avatar  CaroPaul last month

I started the two week challenge today as I was traveling last week so the timing wasn't great. I did the yin class today, and I really enjoyed it although I did not have any props available. I also had a little bit of an issue with the sounds towards the end but hopefully that's just a one off. Thanks for these free classes!! :)

Avatar  Terry last month

The start date for the challenge got away from me so starting late and playing catch up. Decided to do Kylie’s yin, Finding your center class, as I woke with tension in different areas in my body. This class helped to identify where I needed more relaxation and release. I really appreciated the addition of the yoga sutras and that asana is a small part of our yoga practice! Thank you Kylie! Great class! 🙏🏻

Avatar  KC White last month

I did Yin Yoga with Kylie Larson for the first class. I love Yin so much and I was excited for a chance to begin the challenge with a class. Thank you!

Avatar  Mika last month

I started with Kylie's class. It was exactly what I needed to end the day and remind myself to be in the here and now even when I can't control what's going on around me.

Avatar  Kyoko last month

Completed Jackie's class which i had done before. Loved it.

Avatar  Baynicole last month

I did a yin yoga with Kylie! Relaxing way to start the challenge!

Avatar  EE last month

I'd done both of these classes in the past and knew Jackie's would be what I need to start the challenge! It was the perfect way to get back into what I'm hoping will again be a regular/daily yoga practice which I haven't been able to get back to since postpartum.

Avatar  Rebecca last month

I’m joining from Green Bay, WI. I’ve joined quite a few yoga challenges over the years & I really hope I can stick to this one, as I’ve had some difficulties doing so in the past. Today was Kylie’s Yin because I always love Kylie’s classes. I’m looking forward to continuing all the wonderful yoga practices!

Avatar  Kaye last month

Hello from Australia. The last challenge I did I mostly opted for the yin/meditation/relaxing class. This time I aim to challenge myself with the harder of the options. So I chose Jackie's class today and I'm glad I did. It was a lovely slower paced flow with a couple of challenges thrown it. A good start to the challenge!

Avatar  Enlightened Muffin last month

Huh, no more disqus for comments? I finished the winter challenge, and looking forward to having a short spring one. I did Jackie's class since it was harder.

Avatar  Desyree last month

2nd challenge of the year started in the best way possible with Jackie. She is definitely one of my favorites! I have done the detox class before, but I wanted to go it again because I loved it. Thanks, Yoga Dlownload!

Avatar  Leizel last month

I did Yin Yoga - Finding Your Center with Kylie today and it was so well needed after lots of activity the last couple weeks. I feel centered and relaxed in Los Angeles!

Avatar  Tirza last month

I did Kylie's class this evening. I was feeling really fatigued and needed a reset, and this class was perfect for that.

Avatar  Jennifer A. last month

Jackie’s detox class feels so good and was exactly what I needed to get grounded after a hectic start to the week. So excited for this challenge. Thank you!

Avatar  Carrie last month

I did Yin Yoga with Kylie today. Due to an injury it has been almost two months since I've done yoga. Slow and careful to start back.

Avatar  Julia May Wong last month

Hello from Los Angeles! Excited for another YDL challenge! It was a long work day starting at 5AM this morning, so I closed out my evening with Kylie's yin class. Now I can shower and get a good night's rest. Looking forward to tomorrow. 💗

Avatar  Lauren last month

Loved Jackie’s class before bed!

Avatar  Andrea last month

Hello from California! This was a really nice way to get started - nice flow and just the right amount of challenging.

Avatar  Jemma last month

Hello all from NY! Im so excited for another wonderful challenge. I just completed Kylie’s yin class. It was lovely and I’m ready for bed! Good night :)

Avatar  Bek S last month

Well, something must be crossed when I signed up for the challenge because these were not the class options I received but I did have one of Jackie's classes (Yoga:101) as an option. With all the craziness of the solar eclipse today I needed a wind down class & really needed the gentle, back to basics class today. Hopefully I'll get the emails figured out & make sure I get the right classes tomorrow!

Avatar  josie last month

Amazing flow to start this challenge. Was it difficult? Yes! Was it everything I needed to get the juices flowing? Yes! I always enjoy Jackie's flows.
Can't wait for tomorrow's flow.
Anyone joining in from th Caribbean? Would be great to connect and/meet up to experience this challenge with others in person

Avatar  Linda last month

I can never resist Jackie's classes, I love her style and flow. This class was the perfect wind down after a long day!

Avatar  Jenn last month

I was tight on time so I decided to do Jackie's class. It was a good class and helped me feel a little less stuck. Thanks!

Avatar  MPYoga last month

Today, I did Jackie's class. I really enjoyed the pace of this class and it was another great class from Jackie.

Avatar  Heather last month

I did Jackie's Detox Flow. It was a good way to start the day. I definitely felt better today. I'm glad for another yoga challenge. :-) I really need it.

Avatar  carolyn last month

The Yin class was a perfect end to a busy day.

Avatar  Amy last month

Hello, this is Amy from Santa Barbara, CA. Back for another challenge. Mentally looking forward to it and curious to how my body will respond. It’s been a while and the Yin Yoga class turned out to be an excellent way to ease back in. Grateful.

Avatar  Valerie last month

I've missed my mat. I did Jackie's class today, and it was a great way to get on my mat again.

Avatar  Allysa last month

Happy Solar eclipse Monday from Jupiter, FL! Yin class was perfect choice to wind down from this day. Namaste

Avatar  Debbie last month

Thanks Kylie. Great class

Avatar  Jennie last month

I'm Jennie from Boston. I did a flow class at the studio today, but I'm looking forward to the Yin class one day after work this week.

Avatar  Niki last month

Hi everybody, I'm Niki from Los Angeles. I chose both classes today, Jackie's followed by Kylie's, and it was a perfect combo. I haven't done a yin class in quite a while and it really hit the spot. I love the beautiful outdoor setting too. An excellent start to the challenge!

Avatar  Kathy last month

I'm joining the challenge from Indianapolis. It was hard to choose between Kylie and Jackie, but I went with Jackie tonight! Always a great class and great cues and instruction. Looking forward to another challenge!

Avatar  kleins4 last month

Hello from South Dakota. I did Jackie's class this morning and just finished Kylie's class. Both of them were just what my body and mind needed. I am excited for this journey. I totally feel very relaxed and ready to pull the rest of my evening together with a real sense of calm and clarity. I can not wait until day 2!!

Avatar  Trice last month

Hi everyone. I’m excited about doing another challenge. It always gets me back into the yoga mood again. Just did Kylie’s and it felt so good!!! I’ve been working out hard and constantly moving until I crash at night in bed. Kylie’s was just what I needed. Long beautiful stretches that forced me to be still for a while. Excited to see the choices each day. 😊

Avatar  Tammy67 last month

Yin yoga with Kylie was where it's at! What a nice way to start the challenge!

Avatar  Molly last month

I loved Jackie's class! I feel open and refreshed.

Avatar  pammy last month

Here we go!! I really need this reset and recommitment to a more regular practice. Also, I felt the need to funnel some of this eclipse energy into some movement so chose Jackie's detox flow. A perfect mix of movement and grounding. Thanks for setting us up with a timely (and auspicious start) to the challenge. ; )

Avatar  Sarah last month

Hi all! I am joining this challenge from Baltimore, MD. Excited to start off with Jackie's class. Great balance of movement and stretch. Was perfect after work to settle my mind.

Avatar  Ines last month

Great start! Looking forward this challenge ♥️

Avatar  Andie last month

When given the choice of instructors, JCM hands down! What a nice class to enjoy after watching the eclipse in Virgina this afternoon.
See you all tomorrow!

Avatar  Laureen last month

Just getting back into yoga after many months and it felt really good. Have had knee issues and now dealing with shoulder problems but I did it 😉

Avatar  karen donaldson last month

Needed namaste over ahhh. Jackie’s class was a perfect start for the challenge. Movement, detox, stretch. Happy Eclipse day to all!

Avatar  Lindsay last month

Hi 👋🏻 All! I'm Lindsay from Nebraska and I'm so excited for yet another challenge! I chose Jackie Casal Mahrou's detox flow and it was a great start for me for this challenge! I felt great at the end and stayed in sivasana for what honestly could've been the rest of my day but alas I had to go pick up my kids from school. Have fun in this challenge and Namaste!

Avatar  Marianthi last month

Hello from Greece
Thank you so much for sharing

Avatar  Pat last month

I'm excited to start another challenge. I love both teachers, but chose Jackie's lass as I was ready for the movement. Great class!

Avatar  EmmaS last month

I have participated in many challenges and I used to practice yoga daily. But two months ago I injured my shoulder (in a yoga class, of course). And since then I have not practiced much.

Today I tried Jackie’s class (without chaturangas). It was OK, but my shoulder hurts a bit tonight. We will see how the challenge goes, but I will try it.

Nothing wrong with the class though! Jackie always delivers!!!!

Avatar  Sarah JW last month

That was so refreshing, thank you very much. And my very personal challenge: If I find time for yoga every day for two weeks, then I will resume my YDL subscription!

Avatar  helcat last month

2024 Challenge #2 - and away we go. Thankyou Jackie!

Avatar  Mimi last month

Good morning from Berkeley CA. Yay, Jackie ! Love this quick class and gentle message. In sync with the sun, moom and planet!

Avatar  Andrea last month

Great detox class with Jackie before eclipse viewing and late night work flight to London. Just what I needed today. This class has been in my favorites for a while so I was happy to see it today.

Avatar  MaryJane last month

Kylie's class is one of my favorites. Did it after my weights and it was just what I needed.

Avatar  Melly last month

I did Kylie's class today which felt great since I've been doing some weights and been feeling sore.

Avatar  Susan last month

Hi from southern Missouri. Did Kylies’ class this am and it was just what I needed! Yesterday was a 3 hour session in the garden, digging, pulling, carrying soil, digging some more, etc. etc. The gentle, but held, stretches and twists made me feel alive again. I’m ready for today!!

Avatar  Angie last month

Hello from VA! Excited to start detox on eclipse day. Kylie’s class was the ahhhhh I needed today.

Avatar  Jolene last month

I have done Jackie's class before and have it in favorites. Decided to do again, since her classes are always excellent and wanted a more active class this AM. Kylie is also a favorite instructor so will try to do this one sometime soon.

Avatar  Mark last month

Hi from Arizona. Enjoyed both classes, they were a great way to begin the day and Day 1 of the Spring Challenge! Hope everyone has a great day!

Avatar  embry2163 last month

Hi! This is Robin from OK. This is one of my “go to” classes that Jackie offers. It’s great when I’m feeling “stuck”
Great class!!

Avatar  Summer last month

Great practice, just what my stiff neck needed today.

Avatar  MEAP last month

Good to detox during the eclipse

Avatar  Jennifer last month

Hi from Chicago! Jackie's class was an excellent way to start off the day! Feeling more grounded to hit the ground running today. So grateful to Yoga Download any time they offer these challenges....loved the New Year one, and I can't wait to practice daily with this one! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Avatar  Andrea last month

Hi from Michigan. I completed Jackie’s class and loved it! Thank you for doing another challenge I love trying complete all of the classes!

Avatar  NBCollins last month

Great start to the day!

Avatar  Skaita Yogi last month

Hi from Norway! Since Jackie’ class was already in my faves, it was an easy choice! I love the timing, it’s a slow flow, and it doesn’t steal too much of the day. Excited to continue tomorrow!

Avatar  Oralee last month

Hello from Alaska! Kylie's "Finding Your Center" was my selection for day 1 of this Spring Challenge. The supported twist with bolster really opened up the side of my body and enabled a deeper more relaxed breath. Thats why I'm here - good stuff!


Welcome to our 2-Week Spring Yoga Challenge for Clearing and Cleansing! As we transition into the vibrant energy of spring, it's the perfect time to refresh our minds, bodies, and spirits. We invite you to join us on a journey of purification and renewal through yoga. And the best part is the challenge, and all classes throughout, are completely FREE!

Each day of the challenge will offer two class options centered around the theme of clearing and cleansing. These classes have been thoughtfully curated to help you release stagnant energy, detoxify your system, and invite in a sense of clarity and vitality.

Clearing and cleansing are not just physical processes—they're also about letting go of mental and emotional clutter. Use this challenge as an opportunity to connect with yourself on a deeper level and cultivate a sense of inner peace and balance.

Whether you're looking to detoxify your body, declutter your mind, or simply embrace the rejuvenating energy of spring, we're here to support you every step of the way. Get ready to cleanse, clear, and renew with our Spring Yoga Challenge!


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