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Yoga Expands Your Consciousness: Enjoy the Journey
Yoga Expands Your Consciousness: Enjoy the Journey
Yoga reminds us that having a human life is an awesome opportunity! It does not matter if you are physically beautiful, or materially rich. Yea it’s maybe some good karma, but what we do with the life we have is up to us. While each of us have a different set of circumstances, we have some capacity to create inner freedom. The superficial is not important to the yogi. The connection to cosmic consciousness is what's important. Through the practices of yoga the body will be its most beautiful, yet as yogis we are most interested in just that quality of consciousness. Higher states of consciousness which are possible through yoga, create a greater sense of connection to ourselves and the world around us. Life is limited, so take good care of your body so you can become conscious and be present for the adventure of your life as much as you can. Yoga allowed me the consciousness to remember that my time in my body is limited. It is something I remember, as I give thanks each morning when I awake from sleep. It is what inspires me to explore, and gives me the strength to be myself in the world and enjoy my time here. Yoga can also make us conscious enough to be braver.