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Yoga for the Best Day
Yoga for the Best Day
Are you ready for today to be the day your dreams come true? What if you shifted your mindset and each morning when you opened your eyes, you decided today would be your best day, regardless of external events? Yoga reminds us that we cannot control anything except our reactions to what’s occurring around us. According to the Yoga Sutras eight-limbed yoga path, we can achieve happiness and peace by turning inward. All we need is within us. If we cultivate gratitude and a sense of Santosha, or contentment, we are one step closer to making each day our best day. Yoga Sutra 2:33, Pratipaksha Bhavana, states, “When negative thoughts present themselves cultivate and think the opposite thoughts with feeling.” This philosophy encourages us to repetitively practice replacing negative thought patterns with positive ones until the positive attitude becomes the default.