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Neck and Shoulder Relief
Neck and Shoulder Relief
Sometimes life feels heavy, right? Between all the responsibilities with finances, family, and friends, it’s tough to stay balanced inside and out. Add in “tech neck” from hours on the computer and phone and it’s no wonder we can feel like an albatross is perched on our shoulders. Pain and tightness in the neck and shoulders is a complaint for many of us. Yoga can help you find some freedom and relief. One of the major physical causes of neck and shoulder tension comes from improper alignment and poor posture. As a result of slouching or sitting too much, our shoulders round forward and our necks stick out, like a turtle poking its head out of its shell. This type of misalignment can cause muscular pain and tension, headaches, distracted thoughts, and shallow breathing. Yoga focusing on creating mobility in the shoulders and stretching the neck will keep your muscles strong and supple and prevent injury.