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Why Yoga Helps You Trust Your Intuition
Why Yoga Helps You Trust Your Intuition
Have you ever gone against your own intuition? How did that work out for you? Have you ever felt so numb to your internal signals that you didn’t even sense what your intuition is communicating to you? Or have you ever consciously overthrown your own intuition and gut instincts for your desire to be loved and accepted? Maybe you overrode your intuition hoping to prove that you were a perfect match for a partner, a job, a community, rather than sensing and questioning if the relationship, job, or community was a good match for you. Please remember there is nothing to prove in love and acceptance, and that true love and acceptance must begin within. We must start with ourselves and trust our intution, which starts on the inside. Yoga reminds us that the actual external experience is a reflection of our inner resonance. Yoga states that we will continue to attract experiences to bring awareness to any unconscious patterns that keep us from true connection, trust and joy.