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Cancer Full Moon: Bringing the Feminine to Life
Cancer Full Moon: Bringing the Feminine to Life
An auspicious full moon graces us on New Year’s Day with encouragement to start 2018 in alignment with your highest ideals. The Cancer full moon’s energy increases our unconscious and emotional activity, putting our hearts in touch with our minds. The past year (2017) as been rife with imbalances between masculine and feminine. Whether it be global imbalances of women’s rights and equality, national imbalances of the increased awareness around sexual assault, or earthly imbalances of natural disasters and global warming, or any other personal imbalances you encountered…it is clear that a shift and a focus on the feminine is necessary now. The zodiac sign of cancer is ruled by the moon, so to find our New Year’s moon in the sign it rules bodes well for the feminine, especially as Cancer is the “mother” symbol of the zodiac. The moon itself finds close alignment with the great goddess of the sky, Venus, improving our odds of a close alignment with feminine forces inside and outside of us. There is also a powerful relationship with Pluto, suggesting a powerful transformation in our perceptions of balance between masculine and feminine.