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Who's That Lady?

Who's That Lady?


And you wouldn't say no to more money. A career filled with meaning and purpose.

And a family that is wildly happy, healthy and fulfilled.

So do I. And so does every other woman we know. But what do you REALLY want?

When you dig deeper. Go further. And feel fully into your heart. (Hint: Think your 13 year old dreams and hidden desires)

Of course, we all know that each of us has a limited amount of time in this body. On this earth. With these unique passions, gifts and abilities.

And each one of us wants to feel fully alive, joyful and fulfilled.

Even if we say all we want is to lose weight, get more money and feel more confident.

But if someone asked you, what do you really want. How would you respond?

You probably reply that you are grateful and content. While under your breath, and deep in your bones you're exhausted of a life that has gone stale.

Now tell me, what part of yourself do you put on mute in order to not seem....ungrateful?

I ask my clients this question all the time and while each woman is on a different part of their journey.

The one thing that never seems to change....

Is that they seriously, fiercely and adamantly don't want to admit that they want more.

More love. More passion. More excitement. More abundance. More romance. More adventure. More everything.

And I know exactly how that feels. Because we've all been there.

We've all been convinced. Deeply and utterly convinced that our worth comes from our sacrifice, not our vibrance.

And as many times as we say that we want to love ourselves...

We just don't believe that it's possible. Or even allowed.

Someone said it was vain. Egotistical. Obnoxious. Selfish. To care about how we look, how we feel and what we want.

And we took that to believe that we wouldn't be safe if we were truly happy, fulfilled, beautiful, successful, exceptional, <insert bliss statement here>...

Dimming our dreams because someone said that we had our head in the clouds. 


Taking another bite of food to numb our craving to be seen and heard, when it feels like no one is listening.

Scrolling aimlessly through Facebook in pursuit of that one post that will make us feel truly connected, loved and valued.

Wearing clothes that feel frumpy and conservative, because we are afraid of what people would say if we wore something wildly us.

We even do it to each other.

Many time's we don't mean to. But often we will say things that might drag someone back down to earth. Dimming their light, in an attempt to feel less dim our selves.


A friend tells you her great news. You tell her that you read something awful in the news this week.


You see someone succeeding doing something you dream of doing. You search for their every fault. They can't be that good. They just can't.

Someone has more confidence, a fitter body, thriving business etc. and all you can think is, well it's WAY easier for her because........

And of course, these thoughts get us nowhere but tangled deep in a state of desperation and negativity.

Whether it's pulling ourselves down because we don't want look too ambitious or dragging down others to keep from recognizing where we let ourselves down.

It's time to ask yourself. For the one thing you've been avoiding.

Now close your eyes. Take the deepest, fullest, luscious breath in.

Exhale and let your mind get quiet. Leave your day behind. I beg of you. LET IT GO.

And then ask yourself, from the bottom of your precious heart....

What do I REALLY want?

Now tell me, what does the real, authentic and wildly feminine <<First Name>> want?

What would your life look like if she were open to it getting EVEN BETTER?

What would her body look like if it was safe to feel feminine, beautiful and exquisite no matter what?

What would she wear?

Where would she live?

Where would she go?

Who would she be?

Comment below with your answer right now. Proclaim it. Allow it. Invite it into your life.

Because you deserve to have that life and the only thing that is really stopping you is you.


By Amber Chalus

Amber Chalus is a Free-Spirited Explorer, Certified Health Coach and Professional
Yoga Teacher at She currently lives in Nipawin, Saskatchewan with
her charming British husband and adorable rescue dog, Indi.

Her mission is to help and inspire women to nurture their physical and spiritual health
through yoga, holistic nutrition and radical self love. She believes that every woman
deserves to feel connected to her body, radiate with confidence and live the life of her
dreams - naturally! 

Download a free Beautiful Morning Meditation at

Connect with Amber:



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"The problem is not desire. It's that your desires are too small."
- Sri Nisargadatta


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