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Stoke Your Inner Fire

Stoke Your Inner Fire

Keep a little fire burning; however small, however hidden.” Cormac McCarthy

Whether you’re in the thick of winter, trying to keep warm until the leaves re-emerge on the trees, or if you’re in the other half of the world where the summer sun is heating your skin, it’s important to keep your inner fire burning. Our lives are created from the inside first, so join us this week for some classes designed to stoke your inner flame and boost your energy and confidence.

In our subtle body, the Manipura (navel) chakra is the home of our fiery willpower. Located in our solar plexus, the Manipura chakra is associated with the heat of self-confidence, ego, and self-discipline. You’ve heard the phrase “fire in your belly” right? Through various Asana (posture) and Pranayama (breath techniques) practices, you can energize your center, strengthen your core and spine, and boost your sense of self.

Twisting postures like Parivitta Trikonasana (Twisting Triangle) and core strengthening postures like Navasana (Boat Pose) will stoke your inner fire and build strong muscles and protect your spine. Focusing on building your power center is an excellent path to minimizing self-doubt and trusting your instincts.

Did you know that 70% of your immune system is in your gut? Healthy digestion is key to staying healthy and energized. Many asanas, like twists, core strengtheners, and backbends, stimulate the internal organs and ensure your body is processing fuel in an efficient manner. When your prana is flowing freely through your system, you feel more light, clear, and free.

By stimulating the Manipura chakra, you can learn to trust your feelings and build your self-confidence. Pranayama techniques like Kapalabhati breathing will stimulate your inner fire. Using meditation and mantras like, “I am strong” or “I create the life I desire” will boost your belief in your strength and abilities. Manipura chakra is the location where we can stoke the energy to manifest our desires. It is important to stay in touch with our center and keep our inner flame burning.

This week, flip the switch and brighten your inner light with these great new practices! 

Quick Warming Flow - Claire Marti

Sweaty Warming Flow - Lila Whiting

Build Your Inner Fire - Pradeep Teotia

Classic Hot Yoga Series - Cicily Carter

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