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Unfolding the Path

Unfolding the Path

So how do you move on from this, from a place of shock, anger, or sadness to a place of learning, forgiveness, and peace?
I find I often go back to the age old adage all things happen for a reason. Because they really do. For me, this helps me make sense of things when there is no clear answer. 

The truth is, we are all here for a reason. This means we all have a path to follow, a dharma. When we start to stray from our dharma (because sometimes we don't even know what it is), the Universe often steps in an changes things for us. And sometimes, in our eyes, it just downright stinks. It may not be the way we thought things should go, or the way we wanted them to be, but it happens anyway despite our best intentions. And then things begin to settle. Sometimes it happens quickly, and sometimes much slower.

After time, we can look back and see the events in our lives led us to the very moment we are in, to the very path we are on, to our dharma. And we can realize how much we learned from that hardship, how different our life became and how much we grew.


By Jessi Andricks

Jessi Andricks is a Health Coach, Yoga teacher, and Mind-Body Fitness Professional. She specializes in helping people overcome fears and struggles that show up in their diet, exercise, and daily habits so they can live the happy, healthy lives they deserve. Read more about Jessie at

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