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Yoga for Athletes with Robert Sidoti

Ready to up your game? Yoga's benefits for performance and excellence in other sports, is potent. Whether you're a competitive soccer player, leisurely golfer, or high-intensity football player, practicing yoga can help you improve your precision in your chosen sport.

This 6-class Yoga for Athletes package with Robert Sidoti, encompasses five major competitive sports (including both team and individual sports), as well as one pre-game class to get your body and mind in the ideal place or athletic performance and victory.

How do the benefits of yoga translate to sports? Physically, yoga increases flexibility, strength, quickens reaction times, prevents injuries, and promotes a powerful and graceful finesse. After some consistent yoga practice, you will find yourself moving more effortlessly, and powerfully in other sporting activities. Mentally, yoga increases focus, concentration, precision, and positive thinking, which are all vital and beneficial in competing in any sport. Yoga can help you get into the zone, that ideal headspace where unwavering and unstoppable athletic performance happens with a calm confidence.

The Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks, were one of the first teams in major sports, to utilize yoga and meditation. Players were mandated to practice yoga and meditation together. They won their first Super Bowl in team history in 2014, just a few years after adding yoga and meditation to their team regimen.

Enjoy these specially designed classes by athlete and expert yoga teacher, Robert Sidoti. This program is beginner friendly, and consists of classes you can return to time and time again for your favorite sports.

  • Athletes
  • Athletes interested in yoga and newer to it
  • Experienced athletes who love yoga
  • Anyone wanting to take their athletic performance to the next level, through yoga

  • Targeted practices for most utilized parts of your body for each sport


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Yoga for Athletes with Robert Sidoti
$ 27.00
$ 27.00
Program Items
Pre Game Routine This Pre Game class is great for anyone getting ready to play a sport or engage in any activity where the body could use some good warming up dynamic movement, stretching, balance, breathing and focus.
Yoga for Baseball Yoga for Baseball is specifically designed to address the shoulders, hips, hamstrings and core of the practitioner/player.
Yoga for Football Yoga for (American) Football is a combination of strength, flexibility, stamina building, spine mobility and awareness and overall body conditioning along with a focus on breathing and awareness/mindfulness.
Yoga For Golf Yoga for Golf will help to to increase your range of motion in your hips and trunk of your body as well as build strength in your core, creating more rotation and follow through, thus giving you the distance you've either lost or have not found on the course.
Yoga for Soccer This class is great for both before and after you play soccer (football). It will help to stretch your very tight hamstrings from the constant running you’re doing.
Yoga for Tennis Yoga for Tennis will prepare your mind, body and breath for your game and address all the areas of your body that are stressed or fatigued to help recover and build strength and resilience .